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Post Reply New Fall Titles: My Little Monster and Blast of Tempest
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Posted 10/2/12
i saw this anime this morning and it was great i cant wait to see the rest of the serie...0_o
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Posted 10/3/12

Kyandy wrote:

Crunchy Roll, you don't understand how much I hate you right now for not licensing Kamisama Hajimemashita, I truly do.
First Madoka, then Mawaru Penguindrum, and Smile precure, and now THIS!?

But of course you are licensing shitty ones that no-one cares to watch ajjdkjalsdasd

They won't get them all. It's not all up to CR either. A license is a contract and at least two parties have to agree. Not sure why you are putting this all on CR.

Also, you probably know this but it bears mentioning, but Madoka was eventually licensed by CR, just not as a simulcast or week delay (which is likely what you wanted and meant). It happened roughly a year later, and the series is still available.

In any case, _My Little Monster_ was a fun view and yesterday had over 300+ ratings, so I think at least one of these shows is not one where "no-one cares to watch" applies.
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Posted 10/3/12
Crunchyroll, I've said this a million times, but I'll say it again. I LOVE YOU GUYS. Thank you so very much. I've been looking forward to these!
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Posted 10/4/12
watching the pv of Blast of Tempest got me interested. Then I remembered it is being done by Bones. Now... meh (a Bones anime has a 90% chance of having either no ending or, more likely, a terrible ending)

As for My Little Monster, watched the first episode. The plot felt like it was written while the guy was going down the Niagara Falls in a barrel. But I got a weak spot for a good romantic slice-of-life (my fave genre), so this is a def watch for me.
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