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Rarest/Most Unknown Anime You've Watched
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19 / M / I don't know??
Posted 11/22/12 , edited 11/22/12
After reading all the posts i picked some that i watched

•Amaenaideyo( Ah my buddha)
Both seasons
•Arakawa under the bridge
Both seasons
•asu no yoichi ( recommended to watch)
•Boku wa tomodachi ga sukurai ( maybe)
•Ben-to ( Recommended to watch)
• dance in the vampire bund
•Hatsukoi limited
•kaze no stigma
•They are my noble masters
• ladies vs butlers
•Nagasarete Airantou
•Nyan koi ( recommended)
•oniichan no koto naka zenzen suki janaindakara ne
•Seitokai Yakuindomo
•Shuffle (recommended to watch)
•Yumekui merry ( recommended to watch)
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19 / M / I don't know??
Posted 11/22/12
I forgot these

• freezing
•Infinite stratos ( maybe)
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27 / M / USA
Posted 11/22/12
Spiral.....the most underrated anime IMO
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Posted 11/22/12
Well, theres..

☺ Full Moon wo Sagashite
☺ Ultra Maniac
☺ Astarotte no Omocha!
☺ Hyouka
☺ Tari Tari
☺ Shuffle
☺ Squid Girl
☺ Chitose Get You!

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21 / F / UK
Posted 11/22/12
Ghost Stories
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M / Various
Posted 11/22/12
A lot of the anime that people listed here as "rare" or "obscure" were very popular titles in their time. They just aren't that well known now.

I've probably watched quite a few real rare gems, I just don't remember their names lol. Back in the 90s and early 2000s, anime conventions (in the US) was a very different affair than it is now. Much smaller, less commercialized and if you had a multi-day pass and you stayed in one of the nearby hotels, you could go to some of the late night anime screenings. If you went to some of the smaller "tents" they would screen fan subbed or even just straight up raw ripped animes. Most of the animes in the small tents were very obscure and I doubt they ever got licensed in the US. The more famous titles were usually shown in the bigger tents.

Anyway, here's my list, some are obscure, some are well known, but just hard to find, that is, rare.

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo Masaru-san!! - yes, long ass name, but somehow I remember it, probably because it was just so weird. Probably one of the first gag/humor type anime I've seen.

Tenchi Muyo. - The first OVA (I think it's called the Ryo Oki version or something like that) It was 13 episodes and the ending sort of left you hanging. I saw a new box set selling on amazon for like $600. Even used the cheapest is going for around $60.

Future Boy Conan - excellent series, one of Hayao Miyazaki's early works (released in 1978 I think). I'm sure there's copy of this floating around somewhere, considering how famous the director has become...

Record of Lodoss War (OVA) - maybe a bit obscure as well, definitely hard to find.

Gundam X - The "lost" Gundam series. came out after Gundam Wing, but before Endless Waltz, so it straddled the Gundam Wing franchise. It was not released in the US, at least not to my knowledge. Personally, I liked it better than Wing (and Wing is one of my favorite anime). The series focused more on the relationships between the characters rather than the politics of that Gundam world.

All of these titles are fairly old, haven't seen much newer anime that I would call obscure...
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30 / M / Glendale, AZ
Posted 11/22/12
I remember back when I was young (it was at least in '93) when I saw the first anime I recall seeing, the 80s dub of Mazinger Z. There was also an anime version of the Wizard of Oz that I saw some episodes of.
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Posted 11/22/12
lol i watched all animes i follow anime realeases to date so i guess i was pretty hardcore xd. now days im missing newer animes. adventually watch em. crappy or not. i endure em.
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Posted 11/22/12

trueshinobi01 wrote:

Spiral.....the most underrated anime IMO

AGREED. the thrills/mystery are on par with Dconan. and im not going to hate or anything but nowadays detective shows *cough* Gosick really cant compare....

and who DOESNT love litle Rio
Posted 11/23/12 , edited 11/23/12
I'll tackle rare and unknowns in my collection:

- The original Pokemon seizure episode

- Ninteen/19

- Ninja Ryukenden OAVs

- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles OAVs

- Crystal Triangle OAV

...and there's more but I'd have to seriously dig. These are just off the top of my head.
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23 / M / New York
Posted 11/23/12 , edited 11/23/12
Sora no woto. I think CR has it though
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45 / M / Canada
Posted 11/23/12 , edited 11/23/12
These are rare over here so far:

Blood-C: The Last Dark
Wolf Children
Letter to Momo
Rainbow Fireflies
Lil Spider Girl
Pretending not to See
Hells Angels
Juju The Weightless Dugong
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36 / M / Clermont, FL
Posted 11/23/12
12 Kingdoms is definitely a good one. My favorite is Yakitate!! Japan.
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26 / M / ???
Posted 11/23/12 , edited 11/23/12
Now and Then, Here and There
Both Barefoot Gen movies
My Santa!
Mama is a 4th Grader
Wizard of Oz anime movie
Little Polon
Mary Bell
Peter Pan anime
Robin Hood anime
Alice in Wonderland anime
Minky Momo dub
Frankenstin anime

to say a few.

Heidi anime does not count cause it's popular in japan.
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from the South Bay
Posted 11/23/12 , edited 11/23/12
Since I have not been watching anime for a long time , so I wont have a list but I did saw one that was pretty artsy ,rare and really well animated for its time in 1985

Tenshi no Tama
go directed by Mamoru Oshii ( Ghost in the Shell) and art by Yoshitaka Amano ( illustrator Vampire HunterD)
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