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Post Reply "K" Project Anime Discussion
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Posted 6/28/15
Finished the anime a few days ago and then proceeded to the movie. #1 it is BEAUTIFUL in fact I would place it above UFOTABLE, but that's a very very close above the only reason would be because I enjoy the art style and pallet more. The anime took patients to understand, but I grasp the concept quite well and it is rather unique in it's own ways. The ending however how predictable near the end was very good and left me questioning. I would truly say this anime deserves all of the back story it is getting and the second season will further this wonderful new universe. I love extensive stories with complex character and intricate back story. I would like to know more about the 7 kings and if there were previous Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Kings because we do know of the previous Colorless King. The Movie K: The Missing Kings was astonishing to me it told it's story quite well with a good flow and fantastic scenes and soundtrack. I honestly would give this Anime a 9/10 but only because it isn't finished as a whole series quite yet.
This anime is very pretty, The characters are very good and have very good back story that can't be explained in one season so look around for other parts of the series. The concept and plot is very nice and driving with pleasant surprises
Overall (so far): 9/10
Would recommend as a starter anime for sure. It's good for senior anime watchers as well.
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25 / M / The heart of Linc...
Posted 28 days ago
Very interesting story, slow start & still a lot to be explained but worth watching. Look forward to more eps when they get released.
The Wise Wizard
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Posted 28 days ago
As I recall, Viz's last simulcast was Coppelion back in fall 2013. Given that, I'm curious if they will jump back into doing a new simulcast this fall when K Return of Kings premieres, or if they will let another company grab it.
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