Cancelled Premim Membership. Can it be reactivate for free?
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Posted 10/4/12 , edited 10/4/12
Ok so I got the free month of Crucnhy Roll signing up. Now like always I was being irresponsible and forgot to cancel my service in time to prevent overdraft fees from my credit card company. Now I realized I was a little late and I saw in my order history on that they completed my order for the subscription to Crunchyroll Premium Membership. They said they did it on Oct 1. So I signed into my bank account online and noticed that their was no charge on their and didn't even show as pending. So what I did was I removed my debit card from and cancelled my current Premium membership hoping that the charge wouldn't process. Is their anyway I can get this membership back without paying the $11.99 monthly fee or am I screwed? I already lost $12.50 due to overdraft and I would really hate it that if I lose the $11.99 completely from That means I'm out about $25 for nothing.
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Posted 10/4/12

Emailed you a bunch.
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