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~Waking Up As The Person Above You For A Day. What Do!?~
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18 / M / Australia
Posted 10/6/12
Ok guys, let me be brief about the objectives of this game. You pretty much wake up as the last person who posted here. Then you just type in what you would do in that situation.

Person 1: Shave my whole hair off
Person 2: Get naked and stare at the mirror
Person 3: Chop off my left hand

Feel free to start. Be as creative as you want.
Posted 10/6/12
Steal your personal identification and all important information to sell. And so I can empty your bank account.
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Posted 10/6/12
go like sneak out the door while carrying the big tv
Posted 10/6/12
I will go out on your bath robe, enter the nearest police station, take it off and shout "I'm guilty, yes! Guilty of being so awesome!"

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