✖ Courtyard
Posted 10/6/12
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Posted 10/10/12
Spica walked over and sat quietly by the fountain. She looked into the water and looked back at herself. Her true form, with her wings and horns sprouted. She felt ashamed to look this way. She truly was a monster. She had killed them, just like he told her to. Spica looked away, disgusted with herself.
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Posted 10/11/12

Suplher was walking around the school trying to get himself familiarize with the place being the new transfer. After a while he decided to take a rest at the courtyard he saw earlier. When he arrive at the courtyard he notices a girl with wings and horns sitting quietly by the fountain and she seems to be troubled/distress. As if his body taking a life of it's own he unconsciously went to stand beside the girl and asked with a worried expression. "um.... are you okay miss?.."
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