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Posted 12/9/12 , edited 12/10/12
Hearing his words, he can never despute such facts. The Kyokuchu Hatto alone was a testament to that flicker, and he who authored such should know how closely it relates to Bushido. For Hijikata, the word love may have lost its luster. But the desire to protect, the spirit to fight, and for duty bequeathed upon his bonded belief.... these are what he clings to.

With his Taichou's gaze turned to his direction, the Vice Commander can only nod quietly in agreement. Just as he need no further words when spending time with his own sibling, he knows this man fully understands the aspects of what he's gone through... and now he expects likewise.

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Posted 12/9/12 , edited 1/23/13
*The two samurai share a deep bond both as comrades and as friends. They can know everything they need to know from each with just a few words. They both understand the other as much as they understand themselves. With that cue from his Vice-Captain, Kondo-san took his leave. He went to check on the Yorozuya and Mizuki who were still awaiting his return. However, once he began to look for them, an officer nearby informs him that they had already taken their leave. He then heads out into the night, sword in hand*

"I promised I would always protect her..."

*As he walked into the moonlit streets of Edo, Kondo only had one thing on his mind. He would find out what was going on and put an end to it personally. With his sword tightly gripped in his hand, Kondo-san heads for the one place where he might find some information....Edo's underground scene...*

Continued on Yoshiwara Thread. CLICK HERE to continue (3rd post down)
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