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Posted 10/17/12
here is where you tell me the name, show a picture of your patient, and give a little history behind him or her.

I will start:

I'm DJ

A little history:
I found myself here a while ago, can't remember anything before that. when I awoke an old man was sitting on the otherside of the room from me and said "follow me" and as I followed him he explained what this place was and how we got here. Also how there are others here as well, but as he was explaining we hear foot steeps comming from behind and turn to see a black mass comming towards us he yells "its a shadow" and we run to a shack on the roof and lock the door behind us. He tells me this is one of the "safe zones" and that we will be okay. As time passes I got to know the place well and learned many things from the old man, until one day he disappeared and I haven't seen him since.

The Old Man:
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