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This PISSES me off. People who call controllers REMOTES.
Posted 11/12/12 , edited 11/12/12
They probably call it a remote because most modern controllers are wireless.
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Posted 11/12/12 , edited 11/13/12
i call it a remote control
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Posted 11/14/12 , edited 11/15/12
Doesn't bug me too much but the point will be true soon. The Wii U tablet controller will actually be able to be used as your television remote. Turning it on/off, adjusting all settings and volume etc etc.
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Posted 5/1/13 , edited 5/1/13
Spring forum cleaning! Since it's a new month I'm closing all the old threads in room for the new ones. We close old threads from 6 months past with no activity. Please recreate if you wish to do so!
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