Michio Kaku "IMMINENT, Solar flare threat"
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So there will possibly (That's an error, it's gonna happen. It remains uncorrected to create dramatic affect to alert you to it) be another high intensity solar flare around the end of this year as there is one every 11 years? And is it so no one's taken his advice (spoken in question to get you to answer yourself) to reinforce satellites and make redundancy systems as of yet? By god there could be a mass disaster and upheaval in the world regardless if the Mayan and other calenders are interpreted wrong or not. (also spoken to create effect)

A man of knowledge has warned with empirical data anyone of any belief system can acknowledge. [draw in the mass(es) seem pretty wide covering] If you ascribe to disasters happening; we all do I think even those who look solely to science (atheists too) say it will eventually. Don't look so far ahead and presume things will go relatively down hill after your lifetime. (Yeah I figured it was annoying, I'll stop with the annotations probably) There is a threat looming (ooh threat, okay that's the last one I promise maybe) stated above. So much of a threat Michio along with intelligent cohorts he's gathered are petitioning for safe guards to be put in place as he put it bluntly we are sitting ducks to a Solar flare Carrington event. It may hit or miss; As he said, "Earth is small and space is so massive."

How soon was it said to start? A possible Carrington event could happen a thousand years or even late this year towards the end of December. When the chances will begin for a Carrington event to take place start as soon as the end of this year...; Certainly many other 11 year cycles have passed why should it be this one? It remains we are unguarded at a time when our existence as we know it is still threatened and has been threatened in numerous bygone 11 year cycles. There's a chance we'll not only be sitting ducks but nicely cooked ones too. (Yumm) You may say why should it be the one that has been projected to happen early Christmas and may not even meet us at the end of the year? *Shrugs* "I dunno."

I crave some duck anyone else crave it too? (That is down right Yummy.)

If you crave some duck mention below and you can leave your thoughts on the lecture.
Posted 10/18/12
Scientist: "We are studying what might one day help cure cancer."

Attention seekers, journalists: "CURE TO CANCER DISCOVERED!"

When a scientist says that a solar flare could hit us, he's talking about many zeros before the 1%.
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Im pretty sure this is just Michio Kaku plotting his eventual rule ,after such a event.
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Science is stupid. Everyone knows God controls everything

Really though, I love Michio Kaku. He's so awesome.

The government knew about the terrorists plotting to attack us, yet they still let 9/11 happen. The US is an Ostrich. Whenever we hear about danger we stick our head in the dirt and pretend there's nothing there.

Off-topic; there are people in the National Sciece Foundation who don't even believe in evolution. wtf government? How you going to put people in charge of science that don't even believe in science? I want a divorce! California can be it's own country. It already has the agriculture and economy for it. All we need is a big line on the map and the ability to choose who we let in. Tired of footing the bill for these other useless states with negative revenue. Now I sound like a republican lol. Sorry, back to science.

It's unlikely, but it is possible. It's more likely we get hit with something large enough to cause another ice age.

I am craving duck. I hate going in a restaurant and seeing duck on the menu. Why? Because when you order it the response is always, "Sorry, we're out of duck." or "We don't have any duck at this time." You NEVER have duck, take it off your menu you evil bastards!
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BearSol wrote:

Science is stupid. Everyone knows God controls everything

Dont worry Michio Kaku will control the world with his Un Buddies , I kid I kid but hes always making statements about wanting a one world government.

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Posted 10/18/12
They've known this for years already, Christ. Catch up, mate.
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