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Posted 10/21/12
Basically, all you have to do is guess which is the lie from the 2 options the person gives you in the previous post

It doesn't have to be serious, just have fun ^^


Person 1 :

- I like the colour blue
- I'm an alien

Person 2 :

Lol you're not an alien! Liesssssss xD

- I'm British
- I have huge clown feet

And so on ~~~

So lets start ::

- I love cookies
- I have green hair
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Posted 10/21/12
The lie is that you 'have green hair'

- I love Halloween
- I hate pastel goth
Posted 10/23/12
Errrr the second one..? > . < Lol

~ I'm 1000 years old
~ I don't like American music
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