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Overused anime character types/plot lines that you are never tired of
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21 / M / Toronto, Ontario
Posted 11/16/12
The bratty adolescent protagonist, as long as the anime does a good job as a coming-of-age story. It's always nice to compare a character from their whiny/weak self in episode one to their developed, mature self at the end.

For plotlines, saving the world never really gets old, does it?
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Limitless Fortres...
Posted 11/16/12
Ambivalent villains with multi-layered personalities and motivations.

One of anime's strengths, I think, is how they avoid cardboard "evil" types, and give the villains complex personalities.

That kind of thing can never be overused, IMO.
Posted 11/17/12
I like when one character shows up, and has this epic walk or stare, which shows that the character means business.
I never get tired of those scenes
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24 / M / Inside a Box
Posted 11/17/12
Something like slapstick slice-of-life anime such as:

Ichigo Mashimaro
Kyou No Go No Ni
Lucky Star

K-On (slightly a bit different genre, but just a bit)
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Posted 11/19/12

KillerZEK87 wrote:

For me I have always wanted to see an Anime that takes place in a prison (if there is one out there I apologize)
do kind of a Shawshank Redemption kind of thing. Why not? If we can have anime's about working in a goddamn restaurant we can have a character driven Prison Anime.

Watch Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin. It's pretty much what you're looking for.
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38 / M / NY
Posted 11/19/12
villains who hate humanity because of how flawed it is

I can't really hate a villain i agree with
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M / Houston, Texas
Posted 11/20/12
Dense, klutzy, average looking guys who attract beautiful women by doing nothing at all in harems and ecchis.

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27 / M / The OC
Posted 4/8/13
Those Damn Tsunderes
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Posted 4/8/13

kaptainkooleio wrote:

Those Damn Tsunderes

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37 / M
Posted 4/8/13
Most cases of Obfuscating Stupidity or Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass.
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27 / M / The OC
Posted 4/8/13

RolexKid wrote:

kaptainkooleio wrote:

Those Damn Tsunderes

So I'm not alone on this?

Posted 9/25/13
My most favorite anime cliches :
Lazy Scriptwriters who lack talent
Set in Fantasy world with magic
Characters using their own intuition
Sci-fi setting world with robots, space ships and lasers
Robots in non-mecha anime
Futuristic world
Plotless comedy (like K-on!, Nichijou and Yuru yuri)
Cute characters doing cute things
Plot Twist (kinda climatic)
Sad Drama
References to mythology, history and legends
Deredere girls
Fabulous Pose
Awesome attack moves
Light Hearted story
Magical Elements
Autistic girls
Characters wearing silly hats
Arararara girls
Death acceptance
Forgiving characters
Hipster characters
Mind readers
Cynical MC
Useful underdog MC
Genius MC
MC who fears nothing
Funny MC
Immortal characters who look very young
Unexpected Fights
Youkai characters from Japanese folklore stories
Breaking the 4th wall
Bisexual characters
Badass characters
Attractive characters
Quiet characters
Shy characters
Highly Motivated Characters
Energetic Characters
Epic OP/ED theme song
Cute OP/ED theme song
Powers that explain everything
Very friendly, Kind,Chaotic good characters
Corrupted/Evil Government
Spiritual Power
Heroic Villains
Good Villains
Cool hairtyle
Edgy characters
Magic circles
Conspiracy theory plot
Girl who don`t hate Perverts
Comic Relief characters
Evil never wins
Subliminal Message that solves the mystery
Worst character dies
Narrator who explains everything
Space Adventures
Villains who became good guys at the ending
Kenshiro type Characters
Araragi Koyomi type characters
Hachiman type characters
Levi Rivaille type characters
Natsume Takahashi type characters
Watashi (from Humanity has declined) type characters
Reinhard von Lohengramm type characters
Joseph Joestar type characters
Gintoki Sakata type characters
Spike Spiegel type characters
Claire Stanfield type characters
Dio Brando type Characters
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20 / M / Planet Orco
Posted 9/25/13 , edited 9/25/13
- Plotless Moe Slice of Life
- Anime inside an Anime
- Transfer Student
- Nakama Power
- Magic
- Mahou Shoujos
- Lolis
- Twin tails
- Yanderes
- Tsunderes
- Megane Girls
- Ojou samas
- Traps
- Mysterious characters
- Overused Running Gag
- Sarcastic Characters
- Generic Harem Characters
- Ditzy Main Character
- Girls and Weapons
- Colourful hair coloirs

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Posted 9/25/13
I never tire of the servant x master animes, especially those with a younger male protagonist and an older male protector. Examples include PandoraHearts, Makai Ouji, Kuroshitsuji, and Hakkenden.
I also love slice of life anime centered around a group of male friends (like Free!).

I just want to make it clear that I don't prefer the cast to be mostly male because of some yaoi or shipping fantasy. I just think males make for better stories.
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37 / M / ICQ / Skype (ask)
Posted 9/25/13
I want to see more ass kicking demon girls somehow being together with totally powerless humans and wondering why the people are scared if her eyes glow at them even if she just is a bit angry and not yet killing angry
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