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Post Reply Overused anime character types/plot lines that you are never tired of
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22 / M / KS, USA
Posted 5/11/14
The Male MC's best friend who is not only perverted but a Well of Infinite Knowledge.

Best characters ever.
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27 / M / San Francisco
Posted 5/24/14
The bonehead hottie
Sword slice then pause then huge sprays of blood
Schoolgirls with long legs and short skirts
The big reveal of a secret/new killer move
Sensei/student relationships
Restaurant/dining scenes
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23 / F / New Jersey, USA
Posted 5/24/14
Giant robots fighting.
Two political factions fighting against each other.
Main character meets the daughter of one of those factions.
Interstellar combat.
A naive(sometimes) and kind-hearted princess with idealistic goals.
The badass tomboy with a bit of a girlish side.
A deadpan character
Two characters pitted against each other but later discovered they're somehow related.
A stereotypical badass.
The lovable idiot.
Boy meets a girl and boy, both girl and boy are not of this world, boy becomes friends with them both, and the adventure begins.

I have more but that is it for now.
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