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Post Reply NEW K-drama: Ruler of Your Own World & Country Princess
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Posted 10/24/12 , edited 10/25/12
Hello Everyone,

We've got another announcement for you today! We are adding another Korean dramas: Ruler of Your Own World and Country Princess
Premium members have access to ALL episodes* while free users can watch 4-5 episodes/week.

You can also purchase the DVDs!
Here is the link below.

Country Princess: http://www.rightstuf.com/1-800-338-6827/catalogmgr/BUzpm6TYLZNQYg5Nua/browse/item/80148/4/0/0
Ruler of Your Own World: http://www.rightstuf.com/1-800-338-6827/catalogmgr/YiwUhiGHshY-fe98aG/browse/item/80095/4/0/0

Ruler of Your World

Ko Bok-Su’s( Yang Dong-Geun) life is a mess. After a difficult childhood and time in prison, a twist of fate leads him to Kyung (Lee Na Young). When Bok-Su tries to steal her wallet, he embarks on an unpredictable journey that ultimately touches the lives of all those around him.

Country Princess

Since little Eun-Hee has been thirsty for her mother's love which seems to be pouring only on Keum-Hee, her elder sister. One day, a wealthy old man comes to them and says that he has come to find his blooded relation― a lost grand daughter. Eun-Hee could think she could understand the whole thing why there seemed to be a barrier between herself and the mother. But in fact, it is Keum-Hee's hand that her mother hands to the wealthy old man. Now Eun-Hee is all respectful to her mother who has loved the adopted daughter more than the blooded one. The time passes and the mother is seriously ill. She has to earn the money to cure her mother but life does not seem so easy to her. She has to take care of the little kids, she is caught in the love triangle with Keum-Hee and her first love, and there's this strange man, In-Woo, who seems to have fallen for her. When she is about to scream out of desperation, her mother takes her hand and confesses that in fact it was Eun-Hee, the real grand daughter of the wealthy old man! Now she has to run busy to save her mother and put her fate to the right place and find what is hers.

They will be broadcasted in the U.S.A. and Canada.

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Posted 10/24/12
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Posted 10/24/12
Looks good XD
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Posted 10/24/12
Looks like part of Arang and the Magistrate is incorrectly in the above intro.
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Posted 10/24/12
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Posted 10/24/12
Ruler of your own world sounds like Arang and the magistrate.
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Posted 10/25/12
Both series are great!! Country Princess was my very first K-drama back when COMCAST had a free Asian channel!!!
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Posted 10/29/12
I love ruler of your own world it was one of the very first dramas I watched on a asian station my cable network had and dropped , along with phoenix(Firebird) another great drama
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