Future Earthquakes
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20 / F / Oslo
Posted 10/25/12
Hey guys, so I'm pretty sure that you've heard about the predicted huge earthquakes that are going to hit Tokyo anytime soon. What are your thoughts about it?

I mean, I'd love to go see Tokyo or study abroad for a year, but the thought of experiencing an 8.0 quake just scares me to death. How is Tokyo handling this so well? You'd imagine there would be a lot of fear and panic going on too!
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26 / X / Rochester, NY
Posted 10/25/12
I'm sad for them, they get hit by monsters every year.
Tsunami's, nuclear reactors going crazy afterwards, generalized earthquakes.
I believe the majority of the buildings are built to withstand earthquakes, however. Which could be why they're so calm.
It's still worrying to me though >_> I like NY, where the biggest disaster we have are white outs and ice storms.... The thought of hurricanes/earthquakes and such unnerves me greatly.
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24 / M / Otaru, Japan
Posted 10/26/12
Experts say there is a 70% chance of a quake at or above a 7.0 hitting Japan in the next 4 years. Since the 2011 quake, experts have been releasing some of the most grim death toll and damage estimates in the event of a Tokyo quake and tsunami and it is not pretty....at all.
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