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Posted 10/25/12

Does Crunchyroll have a developer API to access the show listings? Kinda like but only for crunchyroll shows? I know there is the RSS feeds but it does not list ALL shows

I am developing a social TV guide app and want to be able to incorporate some anime content in it if possible. All I really need is list of shows and their episodes and when each episode is due to be aired. I don't actually need the actual video data since it will stil redirect to crunchyroll itself.

I think it would be useful because then it opens up CrunchyRoll's listing to be accesible in more mainstream online TV guides, just that the channel is now just
Otter Modder
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Posted 10/25/12

I do not think that there is, and if I am wrong someone more official will come and correct me. In the mean time, this contains all of the info I think you are looking for, just not in the format you desire.
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