What's up with the Hunter x Hunter Hiatus with the Manga?
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Posted 10/28/12
It's going well into it's seventh month now and I'm enjoying the hell out of the anime. I really don't want to see this awesome shonen series go into filler mode anytime soon and pull a Naruto and Bleach every year. Does anyone know why or when Togashi Yoshihiro will resume making more chapters for the series?
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Posted 10/28/12 , edited 10/28/12
It goes on hiatus all the time. The manga never goes more than like 30 chapters without a break. When Togashi was doing Yu Yu Hakusho he made himself ill from the stress, so now he takes a lot of breaks. I wouldn't expect a lot of filler with the anime Togashi's publishing schedule is to unreliable.
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