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So who is going to Ohayocon 2013!?
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23 / F
Posted 10/28/12
I will be there!

I am cosplaying 5 different outfits on this weekend, hopefully:

Friday: Kairi - Kingdom Hearts
Haqua - The World God Only Knows

Saturday: Rikku - FFX
Ouma Mana - Guilty Crown

Sunday: Deadman Wonderland prisoner

you can check out my costumes here:


If you have a matching costume I would love photos!
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24 / M / Ohio
Posted 12/30/12
I'll be there Friday and Saturday, i'm pretty excited to go this year. I really like your cosplays.
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34 / M / Pittsburgh, PA
Posted 1/13/13
I should be there Friday and Saturday as well doing coverage of the event!

My wife and I went last year and had a blast...so we're hoping that this year is no exception!

Not sure what cosplay will be happening still...just depends on our moods. Probably will have some MLP:FiM stuff with us along with Lucky Star, Strike Witches, Magikano and Animaniacs as well as our own OC's.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 3/7/13
Convention is over closed.
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