MOD Corner - Raktus
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Posted 10/28/12
Please give our new Moderator a warm welcome!


RP Moderator

Monitor and Update RP on progression
Manage in-RP Events and Update Rulebook
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Posted 10/28/12
Woohoo ^.^!!
Goodie goodie, cause I know nothing about RP stuff haha
Glad to have you on board ^.^
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Posted 10/28/12 , edited 10/28/12
Thank you... Keep an eye out for a Rules and Guidelines update as Laz and I make things a bit more fitting for the setting.

To make it clear on what my stance is: I love how you guys got to the third floor and took a breather. Take a while and relax in town, in SAO a boss is a major thing and you could have died! At the same time staying in town lends nothing to progression, mapping would stay at 0% until people started going out and exploring Combat Zones. Of course, anything could be in those Combat Zones... a random Rare Mob that fights you back, A quest giver with a special reward or even some hidden dungeon rooms.

Also, I would like to add to the difficulty of a boss battle and make it feel more like an action oriented fight instead of a post count tracker. In this, I would introduce the Combat Post system wherein you attack and are attacked in turn. A boss would become a fight for your life as well as a fight to progress. This Combat Post system would in turn be used for Dueling and PK'ing as well.
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Posted 10/29/12 , edited 10/29/12
Welcome! and i completely agree with your stance on things =) (Just wanted to express that ^^)

BTW: Love your signature, heh =)
"El psy congro."

Edit: Guess it's more of a congratulations than a welcome, hehe =)
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Posted 10/30/12
Hey congratulations!! I hope you will fully enjoy your new position best of luck and happy travels!
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Posted 10/31/12
Thank you, I look foreword to many battles with you... ps the check is in the mail so go easy on me will ya? :p
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Posted 11/4/12
Congratulations man, So far your post have been outstanding the detail will really help the others get into the RP!
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