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What do you do when you wake up?
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26 / M
Posted 10/30/12
-take a piss
-check email on phone
-send out sms to contacts to see whats happening
-watch anime

on days off
--take a piss
-check email on phone
-send out sms to contacts to see whats happening
-watch anime
-have some jager
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20 / M / North Dakota
Posted 10/30/12 , edited 10/30/12
wake up
slither to the bathroom in a dont f*** with me, i just woke up manner.
put in contacts so i can see where to aim my piss.
get dressed
leave the house to water, feed and pet 20 horses.feed and water my dogs, my cat, and my baby deer.
comeback and eat around 8 eggs split into scrambeled, sunny side up and a egg sandwich with some cheese toast and cereal.
Go outside and cut some wood for winter for about 2 hours.
study for 1 hour.
make around four hotdogs or 3 sandwiches with chessy brockely.
feed the animals again.
stack hay for 1 hour
work on a 75yard long, 9 ft tall snow breaking fence fro three hours
clean the entire house and wash cloths.
come back and relax for 1 hour while eating whatevers in front of me equaling more than 500 calories
kickbox for 1 hour
workout for 1 hour
drink protien shake while drinking a protien shake.
study for 2 hours
chill and play on cr for 2-3 hours.
Than i make dinner and pass out within 3 minutes of finishing it.
then i wake up in the middle of the night and start doing some crazy shit.
realizing i was doing crazy shit because i was sleep walking i just grab some milk and go to bed.

Posted 10/30/12 , edited 10/30/12
I don't think I can say it on here without getting banned.
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26 / Canada
Posted 10/30/12
win awards...every morning for best dreams
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25 / M / NY
Posted 10/30/12
Wake up.
Enjoy a Listerine rinse.
Make a hearty breakfast.
Pop on something to watch and do my morning workout routine.
Off to work.
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28 / M / Colorado, US
Posted 10/30/12

LOSazimuth wrote:

Well, it goes somethin' like this:

Wake up
Get into NWU's
Eat chow. Slowly.
Go to Quarters
Masturba - sorry, TMI
Chow. Again.
More "working"
Mastur - Damnit!
Chow. A-again. Ugh.
Time for that shower
Sweet, sweet mast - SON OF A BITCH
Back to dah rack or have a heart attack... and mastur - FUCK

Rinse and repeat

someone's in the navy... ^_^
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30 / M / Waterloo, Ontario
Posted 10/30/12
I wake up meditate, yoga, go for a run shower.
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24 / M / San Diego, USA
Posted 10/30/12

jdejesus517 wrote:
someone's in the navy... ^_^


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19 / M / The Sarlacc Pit
Posted 10/30/12
Wake up, check time, go eat dinner, have a four hour cram session in my room to dubstep mixes, rub one out, see what shows I missed, watch them, have breakfast, fall asleep. 15, and I already have my life so together. 'Tis a beautiful thing, she is.
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22 / F / US of A
Posted 10/30/12
I kind of just lie in my bed for a while: it's super cold in my room! I don't want to get up!

Eventually I'll get up, go to the bathroom, take a shower, get dressed, do my hair, get coffee, then drive to school!
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24 / M
Posted 10/30/12 , edited 10/30/12
I wake up:
Moan about how I wasted my night sleeping
Quickly review my house(habit of mine idk)
Try to get a new idea of what to draw for the day

Wait for my bro to get ready(I draw a sketch in the meantime)
On to School

Extra Art Class
Come home
Start Drawing/painting the WIP that I started.. I Listen to music while doing this

Play video games as a break
Get on the internet
Go to video game news sites
Go to DeviantArt.com and hang there

Go to CR
Go to etc social sites
Somehow get bored and go to Sleep.

Red is for what I do daily and mainly.
Posted 10/30/12
1) Wake up
2) Look round' me like i dont believe its morning already
3) Try to sleep again
4) Waking up again
5) Puttin' my clothes on quickly
6) Goin' to school
7) When am done.. Watching Anime all day long or Learnin' Japanese.

Not rlly interesting but felt like posting it :P
Posted 10/30/12 , edited 10/30/12
1. wake up early from annoying rooster alarm !
2. eat breakfast!
3. set alarm for an hour later
4. go to parent's bedroom and lay down to sleep with mom .
5. wake up and wake up mom
6. wash up
7. brush teeth
8. makeup !!
9. get dressed
10. check to see what hw i did or didnt do so ik if i have to copy off someone
11. run to school because i am 99% of time late

tada! or if not school day do 1,4,5,6 and just eat breakfast while watch morning cartoons then brush teeth !!!
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M / Las Vegas
Posted 11/3/12
Start up computer.
Put hair up and wash my face.
Pour out what's left of previous day's coffee or pour it over ice and make a new pot.
Take meds.
Get on the computer and rot.
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Posted 11/3/12 , edited 11/3/12
1. hop up out tha bed
2. turn my anime on
3. take a look in the mirror say sugoi
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