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Posted 11/1/12
everytime i get a free 30 day membership from CR i have to go thru the credit card verification stuff, but every time i do it i have to play hide and seek with the credit card verification number - you know the 4 digit code on the back?

so once again, where the hell is it? why does it have to be this confusing to find... last time i cant remember if i called CR or sent a support ticket but someone had to do it for me - i'm starting to get really agitated with this issue, happens everytime, and i can never remember due to the fact that the 30 give aways are far and few between
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Posted 11/1/12

Are you having issues finding the number on your card, or finding the text entry box when signing up.

If it is finding the number on your card, it is the number in the little white box to the upper right area of your signature.

If it is the text entry box on the website, please delete your saved CC information then try signing up.

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