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What is your dream? share it with me.
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24 / M / California
Posted 11/2/12
I want to be an author
I want to live alone
I want a music room in my house
I want a Pembroke Welsh Corgi
I want to get better at playing guitar and learn how to play drums, violin, and bass
I want to have enough money to devote the remainder of my life to studying philosophy and music
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39 / M / Northern California
Posted 11/2/12
In more immediate terms, I'd love to finish the board game I'm designing, hire someone to do the art, and get it published sometime next year. I have a shoestring budget right now, but I at least have a publisher lined up for when it's ready for print. If I can get this game company off the ground, then the next goal is to travel again; I haven't been able to afford to do that in years. First it'd just be for conventions, then to the places I've always wanted to visit or see again.

As far as a general dream/life goal, I want to leave the world at least a little bit better off than it was when I entered it. That particular goal has no particular scope or specific criteria to be filled, other than what's stated. Define it as you like.
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26 / M / Denmark
Posted 11/2/12
Well tbh im not even sure what dreams i have, but there is things i'd like to do such as travel the world, have kids etc. but dreams?

If anything i would prolly have to say be able to fly
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F / Oslo
Posted 11/2/12
My dreams :

-Get a job that suits me
-Be reunited with my friends in Norway
-Get a nice boyfriend who I can honestly fall in love with
-Visit Japan to study abroad for a year
-Continue to be a kid at heart
-Have a stable income
-Limit on daily stress
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105 / M / The academy
Posted 11/2/12
Ok some of these are cheesy but still oh well
- vist Japan, england, France, Germany, Norway, china, Australia, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, south Korea, thailand, and Canada
- get a job where I get to create beauty
- find a good lover
- hook up wi a sugar daddy for like half a year
- go to a fashion show during fashion week
- become fluent in another language and NOT forget the language again ..... ( I know sad)
Posted 11/2/12
I guess it would be my dream to say I want to be an animator.

But I don't word it like that. I usually say, "I'm going to be an animator". I figured if I make sound more definite and solid, it's much easier to grasp and stay focused. Cause that's really all I am going to be.

And if I could own a house so I could foster care animals, I guess that would be more of my overall life dream, would be nice.
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24 / M
Posted 11/2/12
Like it says in my profile:

"I aim to become a manga/comic author and artist, a video game:concept artist, and script writer,.My goal is that I want my work to express the way I feel about this world."
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23 / F
Posted 11/2/12 , edited 11/2/12
Alright. Heeere we go.

-I want to graduate school
-Go to uni, and do well
-Preferably be an art teacher
-I want pretty hair and to buy nice things and make nice things. Yeeeah, don't mind me, just gonna sneak this in here. Shh.
-live in my dream house (isn't a mansion, just a little house with only a few rooms with blank white walls so I can do whatever the hell I want with it and stuff like that)
-Have a cute cat living with me named "Bro" so I'm not lonely (wow, okay I sound like a crazy cat lady)
-Kinda want a kid, but I want to be a single mother so maybe a sperm bank will come in handy, can't deal with relationships, I seem to always end up hating the guy. Well, that's if I can get pregnant. I'm not too far from infertile.
-chill a bit

Yup. Don't really have too many aspirations. Nothing to bring a tear to your eye. Just dumb junk.
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31 / M / VA
Posted 11/3/12
The ultimate dream for me would be the first American to play for FC Real Madrid or Barcelona. Not to kill my pride but i dont have the skills to play professional soccer in Spain
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F / Brasil/MG
Posted 11/3/12 , edited 11/3/12
For now I have a short list:

Go back to college and start the Computer Engineering school;
Learn English properly;
Figure out why I bought an electric guitar if I play drums;
Posted 11/3/12
When I was a kid I remember I wanted to either become

1 - Professional Wrestler
2 - Musician
3 - Astrophysicist

But now I still want to be able to do something music, and also want to be able to be involved in children's services to work on becoming a teacher.
Posted 11/3/12
Go to Akihabara possibly live there
Work for a Major big buck gaming blog
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25 / M
Posted 11/3/12
Well my dream is kind of vauge so I won't go into it but I will say this.

Dreams are forged through failure, and the big ones usually require a fu*k-ton of failure.
By this logic my dreams are well on their way to becoming high-quallity steel.

The hammer of reality is painful TT_TT
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43 / F / Tacoma, WA
Posted 11/3/12
you say you are the least creative person you know, but you want to change that. Here is a way to get the juices flowing.

day 1: tell someone you know that you are an artist, if they say "what kind?" you say "guess". Whatever they say start imagining yourself as that, like if they say "musician", picture yourself on stage playing the instrument of your choice or being a DJ.
day 2: research cool artists of that variety via the web, magazines, TV or other media, keep picturing yourself being the "musician"
day 3: go out into the city/town and see that type of artist live. If it's a manga creator instead of musician they replied, find a live web cast or visit the art schools and watch. Don't forget to visualize yourself doing it!
day 4: eat a cupcake, visualize being a musician eating a cupcake
day 5: get supplies to do "music". Now don't go rushing off spending a lot, you can just get a harmonica for 1$, or a piano app.
day 6: when no one is around, goof off with with your instrument. Don't worry about what it sounds like for now.
day 7: repeat day 6 then decide if music is the direction you wanna pursue. If not, start over with #1.

You have to allow your talent to manifest, you might surprise yourself! Who knows maybe you are the next Bach!

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43 / F / Tacoma, WA
Posted 11/3/12
I want to travel around the world and draw and write about what I experience.
I want to own a house with a view and have more pets.
I want to be in a financial position to help other artists.
I want to be a successful and published author/illustrator.
I want to play in a band again.
I want to have lots of interesting friends.
i want to speak at least 3 languages.
I want to be a respected and successful inventor.
i want a good dentist, aesthetician, and doctor.
I want to turn people on to the joys of riding a bike as a way of life.
I want to keep dreaming and achieving my goals.
I want to be a good role model.
i want to inspire others.
I want to hang upside down a lot.
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