Favorite SM Season
Posted 11/3/12 , edited 4/19/13
whats your fav season and why ?
oh and btw my fav is season two the one with Allan =^_^= and I like the sailor stars
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22 / F / Parallel Mooniverse
Posted 12/6/12
I love the Second season because they go back into the future and find out some juicy relationship details hehe
Posted 4/9/13
I like the Negaverse season and the Dark Moon season, I think they're both the best ^^ -Amy Anderson, aka Sailor Mercury
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16 / F / Wisconsin!
Posted 4/16/13
Hmm....I would have to say S or StarS, SuperS was awesome and kind of helped me realize my dream in a way, but it was ALL Chibiusa this, Chibiusa that, I love Rini, but she got a WHOLE season....and S was just awesome with Pharaoh 90!!! And Mistress 9, I think it was also the darkest season I guess -Chibiusa-
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30 / F / Florida, USA
Posted 7/4/13
Sailor Stars is definitely my favorite especially towards the end. It also had the best villain out of all of them. Sailor Galatica actually seem threatening and a challenge for the scouts
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36 / M / Somewhere on this...
Posted 7/11/13
I saw them all but found the most fun seeing Super S with friends on old VHS tapes. It had the main cast I grew up on,
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28 / F / The Moon Kingdom
Posted 8/8/13
My favorite seasons are S and Stars.

Season S: I chose S because I love Mistress 9 and the story for this season.

Stars: It was probably the most suspenceful season with all that happens to the scouts. I loved the ending, too.
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