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23 / F / Norway
Posted 11/14/12
- What do you do on crunchyroll? Watch anime and join conversations on the forum! Super fun forum tehe ~
- What genre best fits you? Slice of life, adventure, sci-fi
- What are you like? Like to do stuff myself without help and I enjoy eating food, haha
- What's your name? Rolin
- Do you go to school? Yes, my last year in High school. The school system is slightly different in Norway than the rest of the world.
- What do you aspire to do? Be with my boyfriend and support my friends
- Have you even went on any adventure? Tell me about it. Yeah this year I've went on more adventures than I've ever been in my life. Whole March I was an exchange student, I went to London with my class in April and for some week ago I went to Spain with my mum ~ Fun times!
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F / Earth
Posted 11/15/12
-what do you do on crunchyroll? Ugh...whats Crunchy roll for?
-what genre best fits you? Anything with some blood, lots of explosions, a bit of fighting......., and a whole lot of romance. LOL
-what are you like? I'm like a candy bar; sweet and a little nutty.
-what's your name? (You don't need to know)
-Do you go to school? Haven't been to school in......21 years?!?!?! No f*c#*n way!
-What do you aspire to do? Ummm.....nothing really......maybe travel some or run my own business someday.
-have you even went on any adventure? tell me about it. It's called life. The most horrendous, awesome, sickening, enjoyable ride you'll ever want to get on.....and off.(insert puking smiley here)
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Posted 11/15/12
I don't really feel like answering all those questions. But I will say hello to you. I hope you enjoy your time here. There's a lot of cool people on Crunchyroll, but there's also a fair share of douche bags. It's pretty much like the rest of the world in that sense.

I hope you enjoy your time here, relax, and don't get upset over silly stuff.
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27 / Malaysia
Posted 11/15/12
Hello people. Here goes:

-what do you do on crunchyroll?
I recently used this old account of mine to watch my new favourite series, Sket Dance. I am now in LOVE with it!
-what genre best fits you?
Anything with Shounen, comedy, humor and life style in it.
-what are you like?
The Chatterbox, and uh, sometimes the Withdrawn/Lurker.
-what's your name?
Take a wild guess.
-Do you go to school?
I'm done with that part of life.
-What do you aspire to do?
To enjoy life, and to be able to do something I enjoy for a living someday.
-have you even went on any adventure? tell me about it.
Well I've travelled a fair bit.
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23 / M / Scotland
Posted 11/15/12
-what do you do on crunchyroll? I post on forums alot.
-what genre best fits you? Any anime that will make you stop and think, always love them.
-what are you like? I am kind, always up for a laugh, love anime and gaming and I am just always happy!
-what's your name? James if my username hasn't given it away already!
-Do you go to school? Finished school a year ago, now its work work work!
-What do you aspire to do? Pfffft!
-have you even went on any adventure? tell me about it. Not much adventure in Ireland if im honest with you... seen 11 tractors in one day once, that about as much adventure as I'll ever get!
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25 / M / United States
Posted 11/15/12
what do you do on crunchyroll? I watch anime generally and reply to forum posts
-what genre best fits you? Shonen, fantasy, slice of life well really any genre as long as its an attention grabber
-what are you like? Im strange most of the time Im passive, laidback, and carefree ,but if Im really anxious I lose it and become flustered
-what's your name? Omar
-Do you go to school? Yes the place that gives me anxiety
-What do you aspire to do? I want to be a clinical psychologist yet it feels like that dream is far off...
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21 / O
Posted 11/15/12
Hello! My name is Jákup Viljam, i've recently joined Chruncyroll, and so far I've enjoyed every bit of it:) Its a great site!
I am 16 years of age (Born in 1996, 5 October)
I am a Anime fan, I love games, I am a critic to everything, so to say I am a spectator beside the world judging it:)
My occupations are either being between something of the likes of "History, physics, astronomy, programming" In the future I will most likely be on a path that leads me to one of those:P
I would to say that I would consider myself as a Hero type of a person, that would help someone in need, but I lack confidence to do so, so I fail at it -__- (But if you ask me, I would probably help you:) ) That's one of the reasons I wanted to join the military, or the fire department too(I haven't yet though)
I do not really play any instruments yet, but I'd like to play the piano and the guitar as it is at the moment, I do play the piano abit (but badly xD) Trying to get some motivation to start it off, that is something else that I lack, I cannot do something because of it. -__-
All that I am is a nice guy that lacks confidence and is shy, he likes to play games and watch Anime, goes to the gym once in awhile, not really much to brag about, never really gotten any huge achievement, maybe that I won a Volleyball national tournament(when i mean I won, I mean the team :P)

*coughandhe'ssinglelolcough* what was that?

-what do you do on crunchyroll? I just spam the forums and watch anime:)

-what genre best fits you? Don't really think i consider myself as a genre -.- If so, I would probably be a unique one.

-what are you like? Nice guy:) abit of a critic, its not like I would criticize your opinion, but if it were to be utterly based on fanboisim, I would probably tell you some pointers xD (btw this might be because i'm kinda a part of the "Totalbiscuit Cult" xD

-what's your name? Jákup Viljam

-Do you go to school? Yes and no, I do go to "a" school, but its not a public school where you go to, before you go to f.x. college/university, its a side school that lets you learn about a specific thing, and what I'm learning about is... Ships Yes, I'm going for a side education, to become somewhat of a captain, this might not match what i wrote above, but this is just for fun and the money:)

-What do you aspire to do? Be like Stephan Hawkings/Einstein. Or become a great programmer, make the best game out there. And then there is history, about that I would probably become a teacher, don't really anything else, I don't really like to be a guide, but a teacher sounds fine:)

-have you even went on any adventure? tell me about it. Sadly, no :/ But I really want to go on one, but this century is the worst, what adventure can you go on? Everything is explored on the earth -.- (almost) And a adventure is your going on a quest to do something, special, which I cannot seem to figure out what to do-.-

Sorry about typos D:!!
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37 / M / The Void.
Posted 11/15/12
- Read forum post, observe/study the behaviors of the posters.
- There is no genre that I can label myself as.
- I don't know how I am like.
- Soom Rathma.
- No, I don't. Most of what you learn at school is bullshit propaganda/lies.
- The search for knowledge and truth.
- Yes, I have.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 5/1/13
Spring forum cleaning! Since it's a new month I'm closing all the old threads in room for the new ones. We close old threads from 6 months past with no activity. Please recreate if you wish to do so!
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