glitches on tablet app
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Posted 11/7/12
With The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi and Kiddy GiRL-AND, I get periodic graphical glitches when the scene changes (for example, different pov). The new scene will be obscured or missing entirely, along with any text. This persists for several seconds each time.

With Chi's New Address, the episodes will not forward properly. I have to watch half of an episode over again or manually advance to the next one.

I'm using a Nexus Asus 7. Anyone else had these problems?
Posted 11/7/12
Poor poor tablet users.
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Posted 11/7/12
The graphical glitches seems like the device not properly decoding the video. Some other devices, like the Samsung Galaxy, have been reported as having similar video glitches using the Android app. CR is aware of these issues.

The problem of videos not resuming for Chi's New Address IIRC has to do with it being a short episode. It seems that all episodes shorter than 5 minutes have this problem. Short episodes also creates problems with the queue not updating correctly. CR is also aware of this, but it seems this is a low priority problem as this has been happening since the new queue was first introduced.
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