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Posted 11/10/12
So I'm in a five piece alternative rock / pop punk band, and as the lead guitarist, a lot of the time it falls to me to be writing the guitar riffs for songs, but I find myself not creating original ideas. I usually start developing an idea, and then it turns out it's slightly similar to some song I've heard before, so I scrap the idea in fear of being called out on un-originality.

Now I know it's good to take inspiration from other sources, so is my worry of being pointed out for un-originality just totally pointless, or am I right in scrapping everything and trying to come up with something totally unique? It's not coming up with ideas that's the problem, it's making them original.
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Posted 11/10/12
Play what you like and play what's easy. Worry about everything else later on in life.
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Posted 11/11/12
You should get into recording. Once you start recording yourself and hearing what you're playing you can improve a lot on what you're trying to produce.
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Posted 11/12/12
Don't scrap ideas just because you think they sounds like another song, I also usually start off with a bunch of riffs inspired by a few songs I have stuck in my head at the time, then I do exactly what Kuroneko69 said, record your stuff and you might think of some twists to make it a little bit more special and your own just by listening to it and jamming over it.

Oh and by the way never delete your recordings even if you think they're bad at the time, when I'm bored I listen to some of my older recordings and I often find out ways to improve them that I didn't think of back then.
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Posted 5/1/13
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