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December Event?
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December Event


Cultural Festival:
Every Class will decide on a booth to host, extracurricular activities also host booths. It is open to the city around the Academy, and is a busy event. With the attraction of a lot of people, Planetary Infantry uses this event to gather souls of people from all around the community not just from the school.
Holiday Formal A winter formal dance where girls wear extravagant dresses and the guys wear tuxes. This event is widely popular with the students as it allows for a normal school experience. This is usually a rather calm event, no interferences.
Skiing Trip: The school takes a trip to the mountains beyond the city. The school takes one trip a year because of its small size, and this is a contender for the spot, a calm relaxing event for the students.
Gifted Tournament: This is a tournament among the gifted students to see who is the strongest. To normal students, this is seen as a sports competition in the Star Class. Only people who sign up can participate; the whole class does not have to participate if they don't want to. This is seen to Planetary Infantry as a way to gather up strong recruits.

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