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Mystery boxes
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28 / M / Arkansas, Mexico...
Posted 11/19/12

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M / Florida
Posted 11/19/12 , edited 11/19/12
My Box 2 came in..

A little Snow Fairy Sugar Special
New Getter Robo 1
Apple Seed 2004
Gun Sword 1 and 5
Gad Guard 1
Serial Experimental Lain 1
Tenchi in Tokyo 3
Black Heaven eps. 8-10
Elemental Gelade 4
The Law of Ueki 1 and 2
Heat Guy J 1
Submarine 707R
Tetsujin 28 vol. 2
X 4 and 5
X re- mix 4
Someday Dreamers1
Gantz 6 and 8
Gankutsuou 6
Coyote Ragtime Show 2
Fafner 7
Saiyuki 3,5,9
Bast of Syndrome 2
Project Blue Earth SoS 2
Koi Kaze

Since there was a lot of Geneon dvd's I was hoping for some Lupin III. Overall not so disappointing. I really liked Fafner and Gun X Sword so I may complete those series. I'll just check out the other least give them a chance.

I have Fafner 7. I'll make any trades for the rest of the series.
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Posted 11/19/12
Ok, i don't know if any of this stuff is good or not so if anyone feels free to comment about the anime i list, i would greatly appreciate it since i'm planning on giving a couple of these away to a few friends. Also could i possibly sell some of the back somewhere? please let me know and if any of the ones i list are good, then i would like for anyone to point that out.
Viewtiful Joe Vol 2
Gun sword vol6
Sugar special
Saiyuki reload
Moo chan
Dokkoida volume 1 ultra diaper man
Greggory horror show the nightmare begins
gun sword
The law of ueki friends and enemies 2
Heat guy super android
submarine 707 revolution the movie
the law of ueki the battle commencement 1
Nerima daikon brothers
fafner volume 7
madlax volume 4
Heat guy j vampires ambition
gun sword volume 4
moonlight mile
starship operators
gun sword volume 3
getbackers vol 10
chrono crusade gospel 5
dragon hunters
tetsujin 28 monster resurrection
Hades project zoerymer separation
shonen nmyouji
tenjho tenge round 6
lastexile first move
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36 / M / Central Texas
Posted 11/20/12 , edited 11/20/12
So I've decided the only real mystery of the mystery box is what the hell did the post office do with it?! I am about sick of waiting, it's never taken this long before and I'm getting pissed. Several people have already gotten their round 2 boxes when I'm still waiting for round 1 god only knows when my round 3 box will get here. I can only hope it's before next year at this rate. So I'm glad the usps ran a net loss of 15 billion last year, serves them right. Bastards.
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29 / M / Australia
Posted 11/20/12
I didn't even know about these boxes till now will there be another round?
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33 / M / United States (fo...
Posted 11/20/12
My box from round 1 has just arrived today, a few of these titles sparked nostalgia. Here is the list.
Black Heaven
Chobits -Vol. 2
Dokkoida!? -Vol. 1
Dragon Hunters
Elemental Gelade -Vol. 4
Gad Guard -Vol. 1
Girls Bravo -Vol. 5, 6
Gregory Horror Show
Gun x Sword -Vol. 1, 7
Guyver -Vol. 2
Heat Guy J -Vol. 1
Last Exile First Move
The Law of Ueki -Vol. 1, 2, 3
Mao Chan -Vol. 2
Nerima Daikon Brothers -Vol. 1
New Getter Robo -Vol. 1
Read Or Die TV -Vol. 2
Saiyuki Reload -Vol. 3
Serial Experiments Lain -Vol. 1
Sugar Special
Tenchi in Tokyo -Vol. 3
Trigun -Vol. 6
Viewtiful Joe -Vol. 1, 3
X TV -Vol. 3
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Posted 11/20/12
hmm, seeing as how pharoahe's is from round one,... Im abit worried that the round 3 boxes are going to be the same...
Posted 11/20/12 , edited 11/20/12
A little snow fairy, Sugar Special
Tokyo Majin Vol. 2
Dragon Hunters: Dead Dragon Walking
Chrono Crusade: Gospel Vol. 5
Tetsujin28: Monster Resurrected
Gun X Sword Vol. 1, 3, 4, 6
Get Backers Vol. 10
Starship Operators Vol. 3
Moonlight Mile Vol. 2
FaFner Vol 7
Heat Guy: Vampire's Ambition
Heat Guy: Super Android
MadLax Vol. 4
Submarine 707: Revolution
The Law of Ueki Vol. 1, 2
Elemental Gelade Vol. 4
Serial Experiments Lain: NAVI
Black Heaven
Gregory Horror Show
Tenchi in Tokyo: A new legend
Apple Seed
Dokkoida Vol. 1
New Getter Robo: Rude Awakenings
Saiyuki Reloaded: Gun Lock Vol. 1
Gad Guard Vol. 1
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30 / M
Posted 11/20/12
GAH!!! People are getting so many things I really would have liked!
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Posted 11/20/12

LordBaka wrote:

looks like they ran out of appleseed when they sent mine

i got
submarine 707 revoluition the moive
mao chan go unified defense froce two copies but each is package diff for some reason
heat j guy vol 1 and 2
gad guard vol 1
lunar legand tsukihime vol 1
dragon hunters vol 1
serial exprement lain vol 1
moonlight mile vol 1
a little snow fiary sugar special
dokkoida ultra diaper man vol 1
tenchi in tokyo vol3
madlax vol 4
starship operttors vol 3
get backers vol 10
guyver vol 2 (2007 series i think)
viewtiful joe vol 1 & 3
saiyuki reload gunlock vol1 & 3
girls bravo vol 5 & 6gun sword vol 3 &4 & 6
the law of ueki vol 2 & 3
gegory horror show the night mare begins
trigun signature series - project seeds

ok so i paid 20 bucks for the sub moive and got 29 anime style drink coasters

Well if you really don't want them, I wouldn't mind buying a few of them off of you for a few dollars since you don't have any use for them same with everyone else that has ones I didn't get and they have no use for
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26 / M / New York City
Posted 11/20/12
What I got from box 2

A Little snow Fairy Sugar Special.
Black Heaven 2
Gad Guard
Tenchi in Tokyo
Gun x Sword vol 1
Serial Experments lain
Elemental Gelade
The Law of Ueki Vol 1-2
Heat Guy
Star Ocean Ex The dragon's Teeth
X [ Eight]
Starship Operators vol 2
Trigun vol 1-2
Vandred Great Expectations
Vandred The second Stage
Gants vol 9, vol 10
Red garden vol 2
Saiyuki Reload Gunlock vol 7
Best Student council
Koi Kaze The Reunion
Mao- Chan Song of Defense
Area 88
Hades Project Zeorymer

Im still waiting on box 3. Im actually pretty happy at what I got. I recommending getting it :D.

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31 / M
Posted 11/20/12
I traded my dvds into Amazon for 35.55 for Amazon gift ard
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30 / M / New Jersey
Posted 11/20/12
Oh, so the DVDs do come in their original packaging wrapped and everything? I wasn't sure about this so I never ordered; however, now I wish I had. I suppose I'll just have to take part the next time one of these deals rolls around.
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Posted 11/20/12
any hentai?
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37 / M / San Francisco
Posted 11/20/12

Poop on a stick!

Just heard from my contact at RightStuf. They're sorry about the double up.
Want a random DVD sent your way?

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