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Hosting your own Birthday Party
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25 / M / Ringgold, Georgia
Posted 11/18/12
Thank you and may yours be fun as well.
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28 / M
Posted 11/18/12
I hosted a couple in the earlier years of college.

First one was kind of small, sort of a kickback and not a party. Everyone got drunk but we were still functional the next day.

Second one was insane. There were 30+ people, crazy stuff happening all around, and I think half the people there threw up since we drank so much. I had a massive 24-hour hangover. We must have been drinking hard liquor for a good 6 or 7 hours.
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26 / M / Ireland
Posted 11/18/12 , edited 11/18/12

1. Rent a affordable place for the day.
2. Hire cleaners for the day after.
3. Everyone should be allowed to come. No invites needed.
4. Everyone brings their own liqueur.
5. Buy 1 keg at least.
6. Music should be what everyone is listening to, not just you. Everyone should have a good time.
7. End it earlier rather than late, that why too late. Then you skip a lot of puking and girls too drunk crying about stuff (some guys as well).
8. Having a designated driver at hand always is a plus.

* Edit

I always have around 40-50 people here every summer.

Pic related one side of my terrace

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34 / M / Oslo, Norway
Posted 11/21/12
I'm turning 30 next april, and me and a friend is hosting one hell of a party in a cabin some 30 minutes out of town.
The rent is low, the beer is cheap and there's beds for 30-40 people.
We dont need a live band when there's a 90's vintage computer with winamp filled with 90's dance classics only.
3 days of celebration ftw!
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M / i'm there. you kn...
Posted 11/21/12
i don't like birthday parties. i just have a few friends over every year.
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F / San Antonio, TX
Posted 11/21/12
No party for me. Why celebrate a year closer to your death? I'm 99. I don't want to get any older than that.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 5/2/13
Spring forum cleaning! Since it's a new month I'm closing all the old threads in room for the new ones. We close old threads from 6 months past with no activity. Please recreate if you wish to do so!
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