COMPETITION! Create avii's for the group
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Posted 11/22/12
An avatar competition to make the main group picture!

You can also vote for your favourite entry, but only 2 entries maximum! If you would like to vote, please just leave a comment in the forum.

This topic will be available for 2 weeks, then I will open a new topic for the next competition (unless we haven't had enough entries lol)

We may appoint more than one winner, (if the avii's are good enough), and will same the avii for the next time we wish for a change.

I will upload all entries into a separate album on the club when they are entered, with comments <3

1. No Spamming
2. No more than 3 uploads per person
3. Picture must be to at least one of these themes: Colorful, Birthday, Presents, Cake
4. No Double posting (put all entries in one post!)
5. No Hating
6. Entries quote the main post, and voters quote who they are voting for!
7. Put quotations in spoilers
8. The group name must be on the banner

Thankies! ~ <3

NOTE: We will also accept support banners and icons, you can post these here also.

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Posted 11/22/12
The original post for this competition actually got deleted by accident (I pressed lock&close instead of lock by accident)

So I will repost what I was going to:

The winner of this competition is... WhiteKitten!!!
with her matching avii, banner and icon set. I loved these as they were exactly matching the purpose of the club, even though really simple in style~ <3

Prize: Your avii etc will be up as the main sources on the group for a minimum of 2 weeks, and here is your other prize:

Our other entry was Yeou-Chan~
You did very well at editting the picture, but the image chosen wasn't quite good enough (as you probably have spotted already).

Please enter again, and if anyone struggles with finding a picture, please ask for one in the questions thread.

And here is a freebie for everyone who entered. Please feel free to edit my edit lol~

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