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18 / The Moon
Posted 11/24/12
You push the double doors open and you looks around. A hallway is full with lockers and all the doors are wide open welcoming you inside! Have fun and get used to this! You'll be living here for a while!

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Posted 11/28/12
Gene walked down the halls while whistling to himself. It was nice and quite today, probably one of many to come. As he walked things like spare papers, trash, lost items, and other stuffs started to float along behind him sorting themselves into piles of there respective categories. trash went with trash, supplies like papers, pencils, and pens grouped themselves together to be put in storage. Lost items like purses, wallets, phones, and other items of the like were grouped to be placed in the lost and found. As Gene walked passed a trash can the floating pile of trash streamed away from it's pile and into the can. Gene looked back and saw a sparkling perfect hallway behind him, and with a smile he continued on towards the offices, where he could place the lost items away, and store the extra pens and papers.
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