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Oz tripped over a tool box and it got knocked down the stairs she sighed and walked throw the halls
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Rose-Of-Misfortune wrote:

Kureiha returned after wire jumping another bike she had found after deciding her bike was beyond repair. She had brung the new bike in but it needed a tune up.

Jogging upstairs Kureiha hollered,"Jaxe, that's your name right? Do you have any tools?"

(we can Rp in Jaxe team one warehouse.Ill post there and um my bad ive been too overwhelmed to rp.My bad.)
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Miles walked down the halls of the abandoned hospital looking in each room to find some medical supplies. As he searched he came across a room with a medicine cabinet hanging on the wall. He snuck in silently and closed the door, fearing someone else might be looking for supplies as well. He opened it up and found an unopened bottle of aspirin and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. "These should come in handy", he thought to himself and stuck them in his bag.
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