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Posted 11/25/12
Please Fill out the character sheet:

Name: (first, last)
Apearance: (description or immage)

Affiliation: (Brittannian Empire, Black Knights, Freedom Fighters, Honorary Brittannian, Elevens, Chinese federation, Euro Universe, etc)
Goal: (What is your characters life goal?)

(Spots(cannon and oc)that are needed: Zero/Lelouch and other cannons , Leader of the new rebelion group the freedomfighters.)

Name: Lady Hairi Clearwater
Age: 18
Personality: Kind and caring and gentle for the most part. She can be tempermental of one pushes her.

Bio: Hairi was born to a high up family in the Brittannian empire with strong ties to the royal family. Hairi was engaged to Prince Clovis before his death where she was relieved of her duty to marry him. She had been expected to be in a constant period of mourning until instructed further by the politicians and her family. She was releaved of this duty soon after they decided that she would instead wed the second prince and prime minister of Britannia, Prince Schneizel el Britannia. Hairi was devistated by this news as she had in her time of "mourning" fallen in love with another. She had fallen in love with an eleven whom was said to have been killed in an attack. He actually survived and went on to form the "freedom fighters". It was shortly after that that Zero made his reappearance. Hairi is forced to keep up a false happiness when arround her family, husband to be and the higher class brittainians but secretly shes heartbroken that she can not be with her love that she had met all that time ago. She tries very hard to love Schneizel but it doesnt seem natural to her. She hopes that oneday she could grow to be happy but highly doubts it.
Affiliation: secretly pulls for the black knights and the interesting newcomers "the freedom fighters"
Goal: To end the war and liberate japan. She plans to use her marriage to Schneizel to gain influence over Brittannian government.
Likes: Flowers, Animals, Sweets, Kind people, Children
Dislikes: Cruel people, Some of the means that the terrorists take, Brittannian views of equality.
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