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Have you ever gotten into a religious rant by random chance?
Posted 12/9/12
Me personally have gotten into it, though I have to say that I was not the one who started it, but in the end I finish it. I am a proud muslim, but people sometimes think that its wrong but when I get into discussions I prove them wrong and then they say sorry for jumping at me lol. There is only one god and a last prophet. Thats our belief unlike chirstians of like a main god and a son to, also jews beliefs are very like our own, but all of these three religions come from Abraham as. So ye I always get it thrown at me though i end it with sorry or your right or I understand.
Posted 12/10/12

myhk31 wrote:

religion does not mean a set of beliefs... :


The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods.
Details of belief as taught or discussed.

ok, whatever you say
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37 / M / The Void.
Posted 12/10/12 , edited 12/10/12
It is just a set of beliefs. If you believe in the dogma of science, which is a set of beliefs, you have a religion. Not ever questioning the dogma means you treat science as a god. A false god that lies.
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26 / M / Guess
Posted 12/10/12 , edited 12/10/12

-Vega- wrote:

It is just a set of beliefs. If you believe in the dogma of science, which is a set of beliefs, you have a religion. Not ever questioning the dogma means you treat science as a god. A false god that lies.

If you knew how science actually work, you would know that there is no 'dogma of science', because the scientific method is to make no assumption until it can be conclusively shown, and if a theory is shown wrong, no matter how fundamental it is, it must, by the scientific community, be replaced. There is no claim to truth.

Religion, on the other hand, tells us that there is a certain set of truths- God, Jesus, whatever other stupidities people believe. These are truths that are unerring and unchangeable, and, even if not correlated, or contradictory to the evidence, must be accepted, no matter what.
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38 / M / one mile from a d...
Posted 1/6/13
Religion is a touchy subject for me, and yes I have had many many many encounters with religious zealots over my life time. The latest one I got into was last year getting my oil changed when an elderly woman, whose vehicles was beside mine, started a nice chat that turned ugly when she mentioned the decline in manners in the youth today due to the fact that many no longer attend church or believe in God. To which I said "Not true. I myself do not believe in religion or attend church, yet my manners are not that bad." She let me have it, the word that is... after 45 minutes into her lecture, the mechanics pulled my car out(I had been waiting for this) and told her politely, "as much as I would like to continue this conversation, I must be going. Have a nice day."

When I went back to the same place 4 months later for another oil change, the. Mechanic smiled and said you just missed the old biddy, I laughed so hard. I tarted coughing
Posted 1/9/13
i usually stay quiet when someone pushes their belief on me. an argument would just waste my time.
Posted 2/4/13 , edited 2/5/13
I live in the tolerant south, it's filled with idiots that will try and evangelize and then argue and harass you if you try and shoo them away.

I've had three experiences within the last six months at either:

1. An event I was djing/hosted/planned- Religious types in the crowd did not realize what a "Doomsday Zombie Walk party" was about, and loudly began praying and yelling at people in the venue until they were asked to leave. (I think they knew, and wanted to cause a scene.)

2. Evangelized in a restaurant- Had someone come up to my wife and I and hand us a pamphlet, I said no thank you and the guy scoffed and exclaimed "Well, I guess you can just rot in Hell then you freak!" which I retorted that I still didn't care and to quit harassing us (I used more interesting terms than I posted here)

3. Someone knocked on my door, and tried to preach to me. I explained that I did not need any more religion and was fine, and this lady went mental. Accusing me of everything from witchcraft, to child molesting, to homosexuality, and more. I called the police and she was asked to leave the apartment complex. (We have a gate...I still don't know how she got in..)

It's annoying, but I just disregard anything to do with religion and live my life to the utmost and happiest I can make it!

Edit: I also have to say, that in under 48 hours I've seen more "god is good" posts on this forum than I care to think about. It's like this place is filled with crazy 13 year olds, and "evangelicals" who think that their sky wizard is better than someone else's (or lake thereof.) lol
Posted 4/3/13
Many times..

It gets frustrating for the person I am debating with because they cannot handle my open mindedness hahaahah lol. Makes me laugh

Religious people should start accepting what other people believe and stop forcing their beliefs onto people who don`t believe in any religion.
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26 / F / New Zealand
Posted 4/3/13
Yep, a few times. The most memorable occasions are from Hare Krishna people on the street. They're really pushy.
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22 / M / CA
Posted 4/3/13
Yeah, i'm pretty sure this has happened to me before. I belive in god, but i do believe there is a right and wrong way to do it.
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F / ar away
Posted 4/6/13 , edited 4/6/13

ExplorerOak wrote:

Yeah, i'm pretty sure this has happened to me before. I belive in god, but i do believe there is a right and wrong way to do it.
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47 / M / Oklahoma
Posted 4/8/13
I was raised partly my grandmother, a hardcore old school catholic woman. She wanted me to be a priest. And started me early studying the bible and various other texts. Got me enrolled in a catholic school to boot. She died when I was 11 of bone cancer. She fought it for years trying to stay alive. I remember her laying in the hospital bed, the last days of her life, in so much pain and literally begging her god to take her and end her suffering. I was with her when she died.

I was sitting outside her hospital room, crying, while other family were in the room signing papers or talking to doctors. An old woman walked up and sat down next to me asking me why I was a crying. She was a volunteer at the hospital. I told her my grandmother passed. She then asked what denomination she was. I told her roman catholic. She said to me "Well its too late for her, she is burning in hell, but you can still be saved." Needless to say this didnt sit well with me.

Over the next several years I still studied the bible. But all it gave me was question after question. And no answers. I started seeing major mistakes in the bible. Events that didnt match up to historical fact and so on. I decided I couldnt be a priest since I couldnt trust the bible.

I then became an atheist. But I still studied the bible. It really is a ripping read. Plus I needed to know my enemy, as it were. Just in case some old woman wanted to tell me about my grandmother. I wanted to be armed.

Years later after diving on a reef, I realized there was a supreme power, I just dont believe its the christian, hebrew, muslim god. It could be a complex equation. Maybe its a 10 million year old computer program trying to figure out the number 42. I dont know, but I am not going to be so egotistical as to assume I know what it is.

Since then I make it a major part of my life to pop the bubbles of those that would try to throw their religion on me. I do it with much enjoyment and relish. Jehovah Witness's no longer come to my home. I see them now walking to each door and they purposely miss mine.

Once some witnesses did come to my house. I invited them in on purpose. I let them say their peace and do all their mumbo jumbo. Then asked them innocently if they could answer a few questions for me. And of course they were delighted. I then broke out all my books. Data collected over the years. "This verse says this, yet we know for fact that it didnt happen as such" or "This part of the bible says this while another part says something else" etc. By the time I was done one of the witnesses said to me the bible was first word of mouth stories so there are bound to be errors. To which I answered "Would you buy a $20,000 car if it had errors or flaws? Then why you would trust your ever lasting eternal soul to a message with errors?" I found out later that one of those witnesses, a few weeks later, left the church. I dont know if it was because of me but I like to think so.

I had a married couple try to preach to me in a store. I told them what they said sounded interesting and could we discuss it further at a later date? They agreed and we met at their house... Some people are way too trusting. I did the same to them. Just as they were getting to ready to kick me out I added "Just one last question. Does your god want blind faith or faith earned through arduous questioning and testing? Because all I see is blind faith here." Never saw them again so I dont what happened to them.

I used to believe religion was ok. Just not for me. But now that the years have passed and I have gotten older, I realize that religion is a very dangerous thing. Way too many wars, murders, lesser crimes, etc ........ at the core....... is because of religion. In the right hands yes it can give people faith or hope. But in the wrong hands... its a very destructive thing. Even to an 11 year old boy who is mourning his grandmother's passing..... Why is it there are so many "wrong hands" out there?
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26 / F / Sexual Chocolate
Posted 4/9/13
Religious rant? I'm gayer than Neil Patrick Harris having sex with a unicorn on a bed of rainbows, I get ranted at at least once per month.

Like last week for example while I was out shopping for groceries with my fiance. While in the meat section getting some steaks for dinner (I got that bitch a steak, bitches love steak) she hugged me from behind because I said i'd cook her steak any time she wanted. Well evidently some middle aged couple was there (as only poor people and middle aged people shop at Costco you see) and they happened to overhear us. The guy just got this disgusted look on his face and his wife just butted into our private moment to tell us that there was still time for us because we're young and Jesus will forgive and yada yada yada, after about 20 seconds I just cut her off, because my fiance is too polite to, and told her that we're down with the Jesus and not to worry about us before walking away like a boss.

Were my better half not there i'd have taken the time to rationally explain exactly what was wrong with what she was doing and tell her how unlike Jesus she was being because that's just the way I am. Of course i'm pretty sure I know how that would turn out. Either they'd leave during my explanation, because they wouldn't want me to corrupt their thoughts with my gay magic, or the lady would blow up and go full on warrior of Gawd mode on me. Yet even knowing this I can't leave it alone, maybe i'm more of an optimist than I like to think I am.
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M / Fort Bragg, NC
Posted 4/11/13
Ironically, as a Christian myself, other Christians seem to be the ones who annoy me the most in religious arguments.
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33 / M / "Spaaaaace!"
Posted 4/12/13

myhk31 wrote:

everything besides the bible is man's own thinking and interpretation... which is poison. To God liars are those who add and subtract to his word...

You do realize that the bible has been translated into many different languages millions of times over and that entire passages have been removed and omitted from several translations of the bible, right? There are seven books that have been completely omitted from the King James version...

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