Rules. Please try to follow them!
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Activeness please try to be active
It is always better to Quote someone if you want faster replies. ☪
Get permission before making a new character
You are able to Rp In any forums at once even if your character is in another forum. Multiple forums are allowed. ☪
PG 13 (Swearing must be kept it to a minimum)
You Cannot Kill any Characters without Owner's Consent ☪
You must be approved by Creator or Moderator First before Rping. [I'll either Quote or Pm you for Acceptance.]
Comments personally said to other members must be put in Brackets or some other type of Form so it would not be confused with the Actually Dialogue of the Characters ☪
Each Insane Character can only have 2 Ability.
There can only be a Maximum of 2-3 Weapons for each character. ☪
Write "BATMAN" In your Character Form If you read the Rules

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PLEASE :: when quoting a post, highlight and backspace to erase the quoted content. The person quoted will still receive a notice.
Note : new characters should quote bichslap / moderator for approval as creator / Namichi is rarely present
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