Kaioken: New band inspired by anime!
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Posted 12/1/12 , edited 12/1/12
Hey everyone, here's a project I'm working on with some of my good friends. The song in this teaser is written about Nicolas D. Wolfwood from Trigun. Every song we write is going to have lyrics based on different animes!

We will be releasing this song and another song about the anime Wolf's Rain within the next week or two, and hopefully have a few more recordings finished as well. Please give me some feedback and tell me what you think!

I'll post the first part of the lyrics so you guys can get an idea as well :D


despite the profession that I chose
I could never give my own confession.
What kind of a priest have i become tonight?
It's the times that we live in
and its how I justify my actions,
believing that there is no other way

My sins are just too heavy
too heavy to stand for,
yet i won't give in.
Would i be wrong to ask for
a chance at forgiveness?
Have I paid for my sin?
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Posted 12/1/12
op created two threads exact same
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