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Post Reply { Endymion Library }
Posted 1/20/13 , edited 1/20/13
Kuro walked in slowy looking around ,
Sunny stayed put on her shoulder looking around .
Kuro was a bit nervous to meet new people , Kuro
looked down . Kuro whispered to herself ' I-I'll try
my best...Sunny to have trust in people... ' Kuro
started walking around looking for a book of
ancient spells .
Posted 1/20/13
Donghae looked around the bookshelves. He didn't have a book in mind, he just wanted to find something to do. He suddenly bumped into something and looked down. He saw a girl with long pink hair. "Ah . . " Donghae remembered something like this happening a while back.
Posted 1/20/13 , edited 1/20/13
Kuro noticed someone looking at her
her ears went up and was surprised and went hiding.
Sunny told Kuro ' You must not be scared ,
open up Kuro ' . Kuro sighed and nodded .
Posted 1/20/13
"Ah,wait! . . Did I scare you . . ?" Donghae said apologetically.
He looked at the girl worriedly.
Posted 1/20/13
Kuro looked at him with a surprised look .
Kuro choked on her words ' u-ugh...n-no... ' she looks down .

( jeez alice your a guy - w- ;; )
Posted 1/20/13
{ What's wrong with that? ; u ; }

Donghae's eyes widened slightly. "A-Are you okay? . . ."
Posted 1/20/13 , edited 1/20/13
( just seems perverted of you - w - )

Kuro nodded and said ' Ah..yes i am no worries '
she said softly and smiled
Posted 1/20/13
{ ... WHAT?! ; __ ; }

Donghae smiled softly and nodded. "Okay, that's great!"
Posted 1/20/13
( yeah i said perverted - w - )
Kuro waved and walked away
and then slipped .
Sunny gasped .
Kuro was bleeding .
Kuro told Sunny to heal
hear quickly so she can go
to the nurses .
Posted 1/20/13
{ Why are you so mean to me ; - ; }

Donghae noticed her trip and quickly ran to her. "Hey, are you okay?!"
Posted 1/20/13
( xDD no it just reminds me of the kiss of yours and your pocky )

Kuro looked up and blew in his face acting tsundere
she tried to get but couldn't .

Posted 1/20/13 , edited 1/20/13
{ asdfghjkl shut up ; u ; EY. Why you being mean to Donghae too? > . < He's trying to help her ~ }

Donghae looked at her with a serious face. "I was just trying to help . . But I guess you don't need it . ." he said.
He got up to walk away
Posted 1/20/13 , edited 1/20/13
( - 3- cuz you act like a player xDD pfft. I will not shut up ! xD )

Kuro finally got up when
Sunny was done healing
She dusted her skirt off
and walked anyway with
an annoyed face she said
' tch ! who does that guy think
he is ! acting all player-ish '
Kuro blushed lightly she asked Sunny
' whats this feeling I'm having '
Posted 1/20/13
{ kimi stop acting like that = w = OH! THE FEELING IS LOVE! XD }

Donghae thought about the girl as he walked slowly back to his dorm. He didn't know anything about her and, surely,
neither did she. ' Why did she act that way? . . . ' he thought, with a disappointed look on his face.
So far, Donghae hasn't made any friends, leaving him to think that he doesn't belong here.
Posted 1/20/13
( yes ! xD LOL the feeling of love x3 )
Kuro started to feel bad she wonder
when they will meet again she felt
really bad now . Sunny told her
' it's alright! don't worry he'll come
around sometime ' . Kuro didn't
want to hear that she wanted to
say sorry and start over she
thought he was really nice .
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