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Posted 12/5/12
ok i actually liked the show but i see everyone talking about the console wars and im obviously missing that. im 30 years old, ive been around for a lot of those old consoles, but the only games i remember r mario, contra strike, and the famous fighting games (street fighter ect.).

as i said i enjoyed the show regardless. however im a fond collector of useless information and therefore would be very thankful to whoever can enlighten me about said references and their meaning.
Posted 12/6/12
Some names resemble those of some famous consoles manufacturers (like Nintendo and Sega), that's all.
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Posted 7/29/13 , edited 7/29/13
I think it is a good guess to say that this related to the console wars. The names of the empires and the land itself lend to that idea. Even some of the names of the characters support that. In fact, even Gear's power of speed could be linked to Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog. The other character's abilities also are reminiscent of games from Nintendo and Sega.

That said, I don't think we should read too much into this. I don't really think that there is any real meaning behind using a console war other than it is interesting and fun. Also, that is not an unusual theme in anime. Consoles, players, and games in Asia have similar status to sports, athletes, and team gear in the US and Europe. In Korea, some of the biggest celebrities are top tier gamers. So, it is not unusual for that to bleed (Or more like flood sometimes) through into anime. Just think about it. In the last few seasons, how many series have either utilized video games as a plot device or point or, have been adaptations of video games?

To the mods (whom I assume are in the know), is this still on CR's release schedule? It isn't listed under the continuing series and with it coming out quarterly it is sorta hard to tell.
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