Saber Marionette (R, J, J Again, J to X)
Posted 12/7/12
Considering this series' humor, plot line, and questions of humans and robots, these may be fun to discuss.

Personally, I have only seen the J series, but like the concepts, Hanagata getting beat up a lot and Lime's adorable actions.
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Posted 12/7/12 , edited 12/7/12
J was best. R was set in the far future I think... it had a lime cherry and bloodberry but they were different and .. 'Roman'

I kinda liked J again. Tied up a few plot holes and gave some likeable characters new happy endings.

J to X I never finished. Partially because I was watching dubs and the new voices were BAD. partially because .. I don't know the plot started feeling trite to me. and the good bits were... not as good.

One of my favourite animes from my personal 'golden age' of anime. Thanks for making me smile this morning.
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Posted 12/7/12

Like vaguard a bit better
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Posted 12/7/12
Yeah, I remember watching this series as a kid, back in the 90's. I remember this would air on TV a few hours after school, so my brother and I watched it after homework's done. Good times.
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Posted 5/19/13
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