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Do you know yourself better than other people know you?
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M / Dublin, Ireland (...
Posted 3/10/13 , edited 3/10/13
No. Other people don't know me very well. I'm rather uptight. Actually, I barely know myself because I often suppress what I want to do or how I want to behave. Other people actually know what could be said is the opposite of me.
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20 / M
Posted 3/10/13 , edited 3/10/13
Since I isolate myself from others they are forced to make suppositions about me based on my behaviors, most people I know know nearly nothing about me. My parents know probably the second most about me, and my brothers the most out of others. But I only share with them what I feel like sharing, so they still probably don't know me better than I know myself.


suikojay wrote:

I've spent a lot of time studying myself actually. I used to do what's called an examination of conscience where I exam my every actions and behaviors everyday, so that I can try to understand myself and be a better Christian. But I stopped recently for some reason. I really need to get back to that... this thread was actually a good reminder for me, lol. But I think in most cases, I feel that I know myself better than other people know me.

-Vega- wrote:
That should be one of your goals in life; to know and understand yourself.

I'll have to completely agree with you on that one.

I must agree with these two gentlemen, examining myself is something I do regularly and understanding yourself should be your very first priority after your survival needs.
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21 / M / Aincrad
Posted 3/24/13
I know myself more the others
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M / Hawaii
Posted 3/25/13
I'd say I know myself better than anyone, especially since I'm very secretive and selective with the people I share personal information with.
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28 / F / Southern Oregon
Posted 3/27/13
No not at all I am very reserved and only let people see what I want them to.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 10/17/13
Closed due to inactivity. No new post within half a year. Locked.
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