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25 / M / California
Posted 12/9/12
Not sure if there are other threads on this....lock if there is.

Anyway, create your own devil fruit(s)! Details!
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F / Pennsylvania
Posted 1/1/13
Toki-Toki no mi

Meaning- Time Fruit

Power- it can stop time for a single person or the whole world except the user in a more advance state any person of their choosing . It can also Fast forward injures or even rewind before it happened. the user can look at someone's past time even if they themselves don't remember.

Cons- Though it can revert time it can't replace what is already lost. for example a dead person, or blood lose. If it's gone it's gone.

User- Mina, daughter of Shanks, older sister of Luffy and Ace.

Yay! This was fun. I should be uploading my One Piece FanFiction with Mina soon to
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Posted 6/9/13
The Grav Grav fruit
Type: Paramecia
Power: The ability to manipulate gravity
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