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If you had the chance to go back in time, what would you change?
Posted 4/1/13
I would travel to the Victorian times and stay there :)
Posted 4/1/13
prevent myself from moving to the states.
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Posted 4/1/13
I would jump in and out of the past on a whim.
I'd deliver extremely advanced weapons to failing cultures.
Awesome computers to random countries.
I would kill important people before their time.
Anything that would disrupt the balance of power and screw up the future/present.
Then i'd spontaneously check back to see if the world is destroyed or altered in an interesting way.
I would do it because I could.

If you want a more realistic answer, and less destructive..
I'd go back and stop myself from screwing up my relationship with the first girl I ever loved.
Who I still wish I was with to this day, even though she has 3 kids and is getting married. X_X

Of course, if I couldn't fix it, i'd be damn sure the boyfriends and baby daddy's never happened. Ever.
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Posted 10/17/13
Closed due to inactivity. No new post within half a year. Locked.
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