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Post Reply Have you ever been racially stereotyped?
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30 / M / United States
Posted 10/17/13

ShiverGirl wrote:

Just a curious question not really meant to cause chaos. I have been racially stereotyped when I was in 6th grade. A white kid asked me why I talk like a white person. I got kinda pissed but since we were in PE, I couldn't really focus on talking to him.

I also remember one time I was thought to be Asian, though it makes me laugh when I think about it now.

Girl: Are you Asian?
Me: No.
Girl: Are you sure you don't have a long lost Asian father you don't know about?
Me: I'm pretty sure.
Girl: Isn't she like my twin?
Her Friends: No.
Me: ......

This makes me laugh somewhat to this day.

Has things like this happen to you?

Please lock up if duplicate.

I get stereotyped too many times a week. Whether it be my skin color, my clothing, my words, my thoughts, my kinks, or my bank account. in my own household and out in public.
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18 / M / On the Court
Posted 10/18/13
Oh to many times:

"Who that guy running the ball so fast, he must be black"
"This guy is black with white clothes on"
"He plays three different types of sports, must be black"
"Having trouble with a question, must be black"
"What types of Kool-Aid do you love?"
"You must live at KFC"
"You know black people are good at football and basketball"

Like come on people, this is getting redundant.......
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21 / M / CR Forums
Posted 10/23/13
As a racial minority, yes.

I'm unable to walk up to people at an Anime convention and have a conversation with them if they have skin of a lighter shade than me. They don't talk to me.

I once had a good friend back in High School. He always talked about another friend he had, one who had similar taste in anime, games, and music.

The primary difference between his old friend and me, was I'm a Minority, and his friend is racist. I'm not talking the funny hahaha racist, I'm talking the avoids any conversation with someone who's not as white as cotton. Now he was from Arizona and I heard bad things about that place, but seriously? I couldn't strike up a conversation with him to save my life.

Then you have a Korean guy I know. We called him Brandon, but he was 100% South Korean. The only thing he ever said to me, was that he's not from North Korea. I went to school with him for 8 years, and according to people I knew, he was usually outgoing and sociable. But he would always get quiet and not speak around me. Similar to the previous example. He knew I wasn't mexican, I was half-asian. Full Asians often times don't like half asian.

I'm somehow extremely attractive to black women, and white women have an odd disdain for me.

It's safe to say I've been racially Stereotyped a few times.

My sister's able to pass for white, and often gets this line when she talks to someone new
"Oh I thought you were Asian, but you speak like you're white"
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23 / F / Jacksonville, Flo...
Posted 10/23/13
its happened to me. a class mate found out i was half blackfoot Indian. at first he thought I was black. then he started making crazy indian noises like the natives did in the old days dancing around fire. I didnt get offended, i laughed a little. Those crazy noises he was making was more funny than him stereotyping me.
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