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Posted 12/13/12 , edited 12/13/12
Everyone has it, some don't need it, some waste it, others get paid for it, Some have stolen it, and are now doing it, I used to like the pictures in it, then it came back, there is never enough of it, some have too much, it creeps up on the old, it takes some to get well, it mends all wounds, heals all hearts, some foods taste better with it, the nation takes a step back with it in the winter, and steps forward in the spring, marching bands need it for their songs, some think you can borrow it, or spend it with friends or loved ones, moods can change over it, farmers rely on it for their crops, it is not manufactured as some believe, or stops for some, it can have hands, use water or sand, takes one of them to fill an unforgiven amount, but is also used in a hot New York, in the blink of an eye, the snap of the fingers, the crack of the whip, or it takes 9 to make one...

What Am I?

And how does it relate to this story...and can they "Pull It Off" as it were?
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Posted 12/14/12
AHHHH I am lost is that a solvable riddle??? I been looking at it forever and I cant think of anything well I can but I am almost for sure its wrong! If its solvable don't tell me the answer just tell me if it can be so I can try to crack it!!! lol but anywho about episode 11! Its was amazingly done I know some ppl don't like the lack of action but the revealing of the plot is so much better at this point then anything else to me right now! Its killing me not knowing what is going to happen! My mind just keeps on swooshing with idea's!!!!! AHHHHHH while typing this I think I figured out the riddle actually! I wont tell anyone but I will PM you bankshot with my answer let me know if I am right!!!!
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