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Real Ghost Stories O_O
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M / in the underworld...
Posted 12/16/12
I believe in ghost, if you asked 5 years ago I would of said your crazy, science dos not support such claims, but in my studys and living in a paranormal hot area, native american graves/mounds and my home being the one of the first houses to be bui.t in my city I Have encountered some things Icould not debunk I got, video and evp evidence along with paranormal groups both beleivers and non beleivers alike to docament and exserince the supernatural. Are these human spirits I coulnt tell you with 100% certainty thatm that is what they are but i asure you there is something out just because science has not paged it yet dosnt mean it never will remember no one know what germs were cause they couldn't see it with the naked eye we used to think the world was flat that we were the center of the universe tell we had the means to prove outher whys.
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37 / M / The Void.
Posted 12/16/12 , edited 12/16/12
Within the infinite Multiversal Hologram which is infinite then according to logic anything and everything that can be imagined is possible. So, yes spiritual beings do exist. Statistically, everything is possible within infinite space/time.
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30 / M / Clinton, NY
Posted 12/17/12
Alright I guess I'll throw my tale in as well. First yes aliens are real how could they not be just given statistics. Now that that is out of the way I'll get down to my ghost story. I have had several. About two years ago I was 23 at the time so no flights of childhood fancy. I lived in a townhouse at the time. There were no pets allowed in any of the buildings. There was a farm behind the townhouses. Now that you know the layout I can get to the story. The first time it happened was around oh 5:00 so light was still coming in through the windows. I was sitting watching something on Anime Network. Then I saw movement toward the kitchen. There was a large grey tabby that walked from the kitchen infront of where I was sitting and out to where the door would be leading outside. The door was locked as I was alone at the time. When I went to look there was nothing there. I saw him several other times. This has been corroborated by family members that have seen him as well. I did not tell anyone what I saw the first time. I was afraid I would not be believed (Yeahh Ghost neko suuuure). Then later my father saw the same cat. The cat was as apathetic as you would expect a cat to be toward people except on one occasion where "something" landed on my bed from quite a height. Something that was not there when I turned my light on.

PS I recently moved into a house that is next door to a large graveyard.....nothing has happened yet.
Posted 12/17/12 , edited 12/17/12

RandeKnight wrote:

I believe in aliens. I also believe that if they are smart enough to bypass the speed of light, that they are smart enough not to come to planet Earth.
Seriously, if you had the power to go anywhere in the galaxy, why would you want to come to a place out in the arse end of nowhere, that is so culturally and technologically primitive that they still kill each other with chemically propelled pieces of metal?

Or they are vulnerable to oxygen.
According to one theory, oxygen is one of the reasons why humans age.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 5/19/13
Spring forum cleaning! To keep the forums neat and tidy we only keep 6 months worth of threads since its May 19, 2013 [5/19/13] we will keep only keep posts open from December 19, 2012 [12/19/12]. Please feel free to recreate any thread closed, as long as someone else didn't open another similar one before you.
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