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Pros and cons of being male or female?
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23 / F / LV.
Posted 12/16/12

The biggest con, ever.
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27 / M / Boston
Posted 12/16/12
don't have to fix my hair every morning
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42 / M / Utah
Posted 12/16/12

It's still a patriarchal world, well for most of it.


Can't think of any.
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26 / M / My house
Posted 12/16/12
I think being a male rules because growing up we don't need expensive toys we got mud,. rocks, sticks, and best of all we all love shiney things and when we fight we become friends aftwards.

Women are women enough said..

I mostly don't want a couple women yelling at me lol
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69 / M / Canada
Posted 12/16/12 , edited 12/16/12
male con: Uncontrollable boner....but it gets better as you get older. lol
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32 / M / New York City
Posted 12/16/12
Male: strength most of the time
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30 / M / Alaska
Posted 12/17/12
Blue balls
Get less emotional as time goes on
Not being the Alpha

Disputes that are handled in a fist fight get resolved fast and both parties can become best buds for life after.
Getting in a fist fight with guys tend to end with no arrests after, most of the time anyway. Women cops are so not understanding how men deal with disputes.
The fighting.

Being the Alpha. Best confidence booster ever.
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22 / F / Somewhere in the...
Posted 12/17/12
LOL!! Love your comment, i feel the same way too. we have to bear everything
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33 / M / Las Vegas
Posted 12/17/12
One huge con for being a man:

Gotta pay anywhere from $20 - $50 to get into clubs and then pay for $15 drinks on top of that
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27 / M
Posted 12/17/12
Con of being a male? Women get all the best cosplays D:
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22 / F / HK
Posted 12/17/12 , edited 12/17/12

- getting asked out
- people paying for you
- presents on your birthday... from friends
- attention from boys
- can be clumsy = cute
- can just pretend to be cute in difficult situations = all is forgiven
- tend a befriend theory

- drama
- have to be pretty or else no one likes you
- constant jealousy
- have to wait until the guy you like asks you out
- can't be too flirty or you're a slut, can't be too conservative or you won't get laid
- how you dress (can be applied to the point above)
- eat a bit and you get fking obese
- rumours... mental pain
- fking mass of blood every month
- mood swings
- cramps
- headaches
- have to constantly be aware whether or not you're leaking ....
- pregnancy ( the process )
- PAIN of giving birth
- Stalkers


- eat whatever = never get fat
- pee anywhere
- can be gross - no one cares
- it's okay to be openly perverted : D
- less people judging you
- doesn't have to care that much in general

- have no muscle mass = no love life
- have to be tall
- chivalry - would be annoying to keep up
- have to take the initiative when asking a girl out/ to marry him
- has to pay for dates
- random stiffness = embarrassment?
- fight with fists = physical pain
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Posted 12/17/12 , edited 12/17/12
It seems like boys think think there are more pros to being female and all females that its better to be male Personally I would be tempted to say it must be more fun to be female, but that might simply be because girls tend to be more reasonable in general xD (unlike boys often -_- ). Oh well, who knows . And there is that things that girls can wear all clothes and guys can only wear male clothes xD . Though in the end it's probably fairly unimportant... Oh well, just some thoughts, it really doesn't matter much (and there are quite a number of advantages to being male as well especially if you leave the western culture... though that's not really relevant for us)
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31 / F
Posted 12/17/12

1. a big one:

TheDreamHare wrote:

Long crude and tasteless rant below:

2. lower standing in the vast majority of societies, which makes your work to be seen as less than a males.
3. Your primarily judged based on your looks (short lived and vain).
4. Even compliments can have a condescending tone to them.
5. You have to deal with boys-clubs.
6. lower wages.
7. Little freedom to sexually express yourself.
8. You have to deal with the idiots that see having sex as a means of validificating their manliness.
9. slut-shaming.
10. The "Bitches for not having sex with me and whore for putting out" bs.
11. You will eventually be blamed for your own rape at some point.
12. Less resistance to the cold.
13. Impossible standards.


1. Baldness...
2. ...but you will grow hair everywhere else (nasty).
3. Getting rid of said unwanted hair will get you looks.
4. Growing your hair out long is not acceptable in most places.
5. Liking anything considered feminine makes you gay (EX: art, flute playing,girls cartoons, stuffed toys, et cetera).
6. Following strict gender and hetero norms is a must (teh gays is bad).
7. Heavy promotion of slob-culture.
8. Showing emotions are bad.
9. You will always be seen as a pervert.
10. Femininity is bad.
11. Serious expectations for you to follow man-man-manly-man-manliness.
12. You can sit on your balls by accident.
13. Sex-drive during puberty can be killer.

Puberty sucked!

kitsuneshoujo wrote:

... just that I personally hate being a guy and would trade places with a girl on her worst period days any time.

same here, but I'm biased. I'd also like to be 16 again.

Posted 12/17/12
- Menstrual cycle will always be a main con as a female for me. It can ruin your favorite pair of undies when you least expect it. >:P
- Cramps are a nuisance to.
- Breasts can be one when they're too big and/or get in the way while you're running, playing sports etc.
- Pregnancy. It's also a pro since you're carrying a life in you, but the process of bringing that life out of the womb is excruciating from what I hear. That's one of the reasons why I'll never have children. ^__^
- Payed less than a man in many professions.
- Dealing with jealousy from other girls (although guys go through that to, but not as much as girls do).
- Sexism.
- Rapists and stalkers (males go through that to, but I think the percentage is higher for females)

+ Can receive gifts/special treatment from males or females if you're attractive (same with males)
+ No penis.
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30 / M / Eureeka's castle
Posted 12/17/12
As a man
Pro: No Boobs
Con: No Boobs
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