Pokemon vs Yugioh the TCG and the show. Which is better?
Posted 12/17/12
I like yugioh more but thats just me. I would love to hear what the rest of you think on this topic.

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Posted 12/18/12
Yugioh was good, but it seemed weird that the game is as weird as that and no one seems to notice. Plus the show got worse as time went on. Pokemon show stayed the same generally, but the card game wasn't as good imo. It's just a preference thing. I grew up in pokemons beginning in the us. So I'm biased.
Posted 12/18/12
Yugiohs show went down with the idea that cards can destroy citys. Before that the show was better than pokemons. The TCG i think yugioh wins by far
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Posted 12/20/12
yugioh began as the better show with the card game being complicated to some but better than the pokemon cards but now pokemon is better and they have video games made out of it and the yugioh video games werent as popular than the pokemon
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Posted 1/5/13
I think that Pokemon and Yugioh have different targeted audiences :b
Pokemon is more childish and immature(although they both are).
However, Pokemon's main focus was on video games and the anime
while Yugioh focused more on the card game.

so Pokemon-show
Yugioh-card game
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Posted 1/6/13
I really enjoyed the early Pokemon show. It had some zany humor and character development (Ash stealing Misty's bike kinda junk). Moreover it captures the nostalgia of Pokemania.

Then sometime (Ruby, Sapphire period?) the direction took a 180, and every character became a lifeless talking doll endorsing the merits of friendship. It lost a lot of its original humor unfortunately and the writing is just bleh. 1) arrive new place 2) preliminary battle 3) team rocket kidnaps X pokemon 4) pikachu blows up whatever machine they got 5) merits of frienship

Comparatively, Yu-Gi-Oh (the first series) is pretty cinematic but also has that same "friendship gives you immortality" kinda spiel. GX is a little more lax and I only saw a tiny bit of 5DS and none of the newest one. My favorite thing about all of them is the over-the-top vibe. Playing on motorcycles? A school for card gaming? Egyptian prophecy? Also the writing of the first series was meh and over-the-top enough to give us YGO abridged which is pretty good.

I'd say YGO wins for shows. Any of them. The current Pokemon show is literally for five year olds

Do I even gotta comment? Sure some of the newer designs are spiffy but if you like the concept of rock-paper-scissors to level 60+ then it's solid. The same thing every time, but they make it sleeker. Fans buy it by the bulk

There's a few different kind of yu-gi-oh games out there. I actually really like the TCG simulators. The spin-off RPGs are pretty bogus, but Dungeon Dice Monsters on GBA was awesome.

I think overall Pokemon games are the winner. They have more replay value, more choices to make and 100x more backing. They can get pretty tiring, but I guess that's only because new ones come out way more often.
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Posted 1/18/13
I'd definatly say that YuGiOh wins for TCG but Pokemon wins for anime

My expierence with the Pokemon TCG back in the day when Pokemon was first becoming popular was that card game with all the awesome characters from that awesome show we all watch. I think I knew maybe three people who actually knew how to play the game, and even then they (along with most of the other people I knew) collected the cards mainly for the artwork and stuff, that's why they collected the Japanese versions of the cards, the artwork was so much cooler (especially Arcanine and Growleth, those are the two I remember the most).
YuGiOh on the other hand was a freaking awesome TCG and still is. Frankly now that I know the rules of both games YuGiOh seems to be simply set up for more excitment.

But in terms of the anime, the YuGiOh series just didn't do as much for me as Pokemon did. I'm sorry it just didn't, I thourghly enjoyed both series, but YuGiOh just didn't do as much for me for some reason. Yes the Pokemon anime has been using the same strategy that it has since the begining, but YuGiOh keeps on trying to restart with a entirely new cast and that isn't always a good idea, sure it may be a good idea for Ash to be replaced, but did we really want to see Yusei replaced with Yuma?
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Posted 1/27/13 , edited 1/27/13
Well... I have to agree with some early comments that have been made. I also think that these two series have a huge difference between their target audiences. Pokemon was aiming towards a more childish, less violent, mixed gender audience. Where as I believe Yugioh was aimed at an audience who wants violence, can understand a slighty more complex storyline, and is made mostly of male viewers. I myself enjoyed the pokemon series more than the yugioh series. However, I am only a teenager, I enjoy cute things, and well I'm all for world peace... so I fit their target audience pretty well. Yet again, I've only seen a few episodes of Yugioh, but I did enjoy the episodes that I did watch. However, for some mysterious resaon, I can't find myself wanting to watch more. I think this was mostly because when you watch the first episode of a series and you know that there are about a 100 more episodes left, you feel as if it is a lost cause, because you'll never be current in the series until half a year of nonstop watching! Well, that's just my personal opinion anyway... but I still think that everyone should give both of these amazing series a chance.
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Posted 1/27/13
Overall I'm die hard pokemon; it was my childhood and because of that it stomps all things yu-gi-oh. I did enjoy the very first season of Yu-gi-oh but quickly got to a point of not caring after that. I can remember at the age of 10 seeing the show come on and I could not get past the annoying stutter in the opening theme without facepalming and changing the channel. I'm sure I was a little bias, but yu-gi-oh just can't stand up to the franchise pokemon has created nor the quality of the show. (Another thing was how I liked that no matter how far pokemong progressed it was still the same main character...yu-gi-oh has like 3 or 4 by this point in time I don't know)

HOWEVER neither of them are anything nowadays...pokemon is digging such a hole it will soon have furniture as pokemon.
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Posted 2/2/13
op nuked
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