Help! No buttons at all, cant start video T_T
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Posted 12/18/12
I have been a crunchyroll user, from a year now T_T Ive never had any issues with the service.

I dont know what happend, but right now I cant reproduce any videos at all...

I get the "anime picture" that appears before loading... and then it gets stucked there... I dont get the "play buttons, nor the player".

I used to be able to watch anime fine..
I already restarted my pc ... same..
The only thing that I installed in my pc since the last time that I was to watch anime is: spotify and an installer of a mmorpg (firefall).

The installer I think installed something about c++... but it was just the "instaler program" so it shouldnt be an issue.. T_T

I already tested... and I can watch youtube videos...
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Posted 12/19/12

Please email Support through the link below and we'll help you out!
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Posted 12/19/12
try opening the site in a different browser and see if you get the same results.
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