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Do you smoke tobacco?
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Posted 11/7/15
No, I will never smoke, for countless reasons:

For those wanting to try smoking, read through this and then start thinking:

- I'm a minor - I'm not even legally allowed to smoke, so of course I don't!

- Why smoke a cigarette when you can use marijuana? - Let's compare, marijuana has benefits (getting high), cigarettes don't, marijuana is harmless (I have never heard of someone dying from marijuana, i mean yes I've heard of people being allergic to it, but even still they have never died from it) cigarettes will kill you. I think you get the idea now.

- Shortens your lifespan by about a whopping 25% - Healthy people can live to be 80, sometimes even longer, but I have yet to meet a smoker who has lived longer then 60-70 years

- Smoking nullifies your reflexes - I do Karate, Tae Kwon Dao, Kenjutsu, and a bunch of other forms of fighting, reflexes probably is the least of your worries compared to what else smoking does, but I hold my reflexes as quite a prize, my 140ms reaction time beats everyone in the dojo and I don't want to lose it.

- Smoking means you get bad breath - Have you SMELLED the breath of a smoker, disgusting.

- No more smoking = less pollution - Let's be honest, pollution is a problem already, and smoking makes it only worse.

- Cigarettes are basically cancer sticks - Every smoker I know over the age of 35 have gotten cancer from smoking.

- I probably would get serious health problems if I smoked - Being sensitive to the fumes of tobacco runs through my family, my brother had to go to the emergency room cause my grandfather smoked inside our house. I think I can take that as a warning.

- Once you smoke, you never go back - Every person I know who has smoked a cigarette, is addicted.

I can go on forever on this, but cause eventually the site won't let me type another word, I stopped here before I would get disappointed.
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Posted 1/25/17
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