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What do other countries think about americans in general.
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Posted 1/12/13 , edited 1/12/13

Winterfells wrote:

In the countries I've visited (South America, Europe, Asia) I was generally treated courteously even though it was obvious I wasn't native there, through my accent or appearance.

Sure, there are plenty of people around the world that disagree with American politics, culture, lifestyle...but I think for the most part unless they're extremists it doesn't qualify as intense dislike or hatred.

Tourists from any country get pretty annoying - most locals accept tourism as a boon to their local economy but realize they'll have to deal with some minor annoyances and inconveniences.

I like to try new things, and I try to respect other culture's lifestyles and practices when I'm visiting their country, and I think people understand that.

I think the extent to which the world hates Americans is overblown, exaggerated, and sensationalist.

(emphasis mine)

But it sells newspapers.

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Posted 1/12/13 , edited 1/12/13
Hi, I'm from America.

Unlike many of the people here from both sides I'm at the age of 24, and I have car payments, rent, and bills of many sorts which I pay by using money earned from my job.

Unlike many of the people on both sides, I've traveled to many countries and experienced many cultures and standards of living all the way from England, France, and Spain, to Germany and Japan.

So don't be surprised when I tell you that living in the United States is really like living anywhere else. Every country has its idiots and its problems, governments with secrets and wars, along with economic stress and fast food.

Besides the language and to a degree the culture, there really isn't much of any noticeable difference. The opinions that many of you hold towards us exist in part because of popular opinion and propaganda, and in part because of a lack of real experience and knowledge.

But let me just say this - those of you holding us to a stereotype and saying Americans are this, or Americans or that; you are all guilty of the same things you accuse us of.

Bigotry. Stupidity. Arrogance. Close minded. Self centered.


The instant you hold those views to a large group of people of any kind, whether it be by race, nationality, or religion, you become the very things you say you are looking down on. To even pretend you know or have met that entire group of people, or claim to know what each of them stand for, is the instant you become hypocrites, and proponents of those very same opinions.

And the problem lies with everyone here whose made an argument for either side. We are all human here - regardless of nationality. I think all of you need reminding of that fact.
Posted 1/12/13 , edited 1/12/13
Does it matter what other countries think? ~'- lol..
Posted 1/12/13 , edited 1/12/13
Stuck up & Self-Centered as to our country or as our individual selves? Cause them two are two completely different things but yes I agree.
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Posted 1/12/13 , edited 1/12/13

a619ko wrote:

They go around dropping bombs and overthrowing leaders; little governments/countries rich in Oil and other minerals.

Go pick on Russia, bullies.

I guess you have lived under a rock for far too long and didn't notice that we helped them self-distruct and is now run by
the Russian Mafia.

This means they have become "CAPITALIST PIGS"
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Posted 6/12/13 , edited 6/12/13
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